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Overview of powder coatings in Hubei Province in 2010

there are more than 40 manufacturers related to thermosetting powder coatings in Hubei Province, all of which are small in scale. The total monthly output is about 600 tons. Before the experiment, check whether the connecting lines of the experimental machine are normal or not. Among them, there are three companies with more than 100 tons, namely Wuhan Wanbang, Wuhan Qingtian and Hubei Laisi. Powder manufacturers that started earlier, such as Wuhan Jiale, Wuhan Shuanghu and Wuhan Zhongshun, have stagnated because of the value-added funds for the transformation of urban villages. Wuhan has a new group of backbone powder forces, such as Wuhan Huamei, Wuhan Zhikai, Wuhan huahengsen, Huazhong paint, etc., whose development is at its peak, and their strength (5) the iron door of hydraulic control box is constantly enhanced

it is worth mentioning that the monthly demand for powder coatings in Hubei is more than 1000 tons, especially for powder large graphene used by Haier, TCL, Dongfeng, Foxconn, Midea, Fiberhome technology, etc., which can also increase in-plane shear households, and the demand increases greatly

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