Overview of PE markets around the country on May 1

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On May 12, 2009, PE market overview everywhere

the quotation of PE market in Beijing remained strong, the inquiry was ok, and the actual transaction was not much, 7042 at 9550 yuan/ton, 2426h at 9600 yuan/ton, 2426f at 9450 yuan/ton

the PE market demand in Nanjing was depressed again, and the inquiry was very light, but the traders waited for Sinopec to settle, and the quotation was temporarily stable. LLDPE is quoted at 9600 yuan/ton, wire drawing at 11400 yuan/ton, hollow at 10700 yuan/ton, and injection molding at 9900 yuan/ton

Qilu Chemical City PE market futures opened down, affecting market inquiries. The inquiry atmosphere was relatively light, and the price fell slightly, with a range of about 50 yuan/ton. 7042 no tax 9130 yuan/ton, 2102tn26 9270 yuan/ton

the inquiry in the PE market of Tianjin port is relatively light, the price is slightly loose, and there are few transactions, 22020 no tax 9100 yuan/ton, 9085 no tax 9100 yuan/ton, 9020 no tax 9050 yuan/ton, 0218d no tax 9150 yuan/ton

the PE market in Hangzhou is basically stable, with a slight decline in linear and high-voltage yuan/ton, sluggish demand, weak transactions, relatively few sources of HDPE goods, and stable prices

affected by the low settlement price of PetroChina/Sinopec in South China, the market price in Guangzhou PE market is slightly loose, the downstream inquiry is relatively light, and the actual transaction is not much. 7042 Guangzhou at 9550 yuan/ton, 7042 Daqing at 9600 yuan/ton

the transaction volume of Shanghai PE market is relatively low, and the linear price is slightly lower, such as our company's electricity pull down, the imported materials are relatively strong, the supply of HDPE is still small, and the price is mainly stable. Shanghai Petrochemical q281 reported 9800 yuan/ton

the PE market in Linyi has a small supply of goods, and the quotation has weakened slightly. Most of the transactions are sporadic transactions, and the merchants are actively shipping. 7042 no tax 9150 yuan/ton, 2102tn26 no tax 9400 yuan/ton

Shantou PE market 7. The price of the samples taken is down, with a range of about 50 yuan/ton. The market inquiry atmosphere is relatively light, and there are not many actual transactions. Merchants are still actively shipping. 7042 yuan/ton, and 9300 yuan/ton in 2001

recently, there are few sources of imported materials in Xiamen PE market. The price dimension continues to explore new possibilities of polyurethane film-forming technology, and the price of domestic materials is slightly loose. Today, the inquiry is light, and the trading volume is limited. 0218d is 9600 yuan/ton, 7042 is 9600 yuan/ton

the supply of goods in Changzhou PE market is normal, and today's price is mainly stable, but the transaction is slightly profitable, and today's transaction is not as good as yesterday's. CNPC 7042 reported 9700 yuan/ton, and 2426h reported 9700 yuan/ton

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