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On October 29, 2009, the PE market overview of various places

the wait-and-see atmosphere in the Central Plains PE market was strong. The sharp decline in crude oil and LLDPE futures affected the mentality of merchants, and there was a low intention to report. However, it is reported that petrochemicals cannot issue an order for the time being, so the merchants are hesitant and have not heard of the quotation for the time being

the quotation of PE market in Tianjin Port fell, the inquiry atmosphere of downstream middlemen was general, and there were few firm offers for the time being. The decline of international crude oil has hit the market to a certain extent. At present, merchants are mainly active in shipping. 0218d excluding tax is 9950 yuan/ton

the PE market atmosphere in Qilu Chemical City was poor, international crude oil/lldpe both ended lower, and the confidence of merchants was seriously tested. It is expected that today, the new company will establish the business philosophy of customer first and service first, and its enthusiasm for shipping will be more obvious, and the actual transaction price will decline. Among the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment,

Guangzhou PE market has a strong wait-and-see buying today, and international crude oil/lldpe futures opened lower, adding to the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. However, the quotation of merchants for your reference remains stable, there are not many spot resources in the market, and the mentality of merchants is still optimistic. Dushanzi Petrochemical 7042 reported 10600 yuan/ton

Qingdao PE market quotation fell, and international crude oil/lldpe futures fell, hitting the market. For the time being, the downstream inquiry atmosphere is general, and merchants are mainly active in shipping. 9086 the tax included is 10700 yuan/ton

the PE market price in Yuyao is strong, but there are few inquiries, and the demand is light. Traders have doubts about the future market, and the operation is more cautious, but the price is difficult to make concessions because of pricing support. Daqing Petrochemical 5000S reported 10500 yuan/ton, and Yangzi Petrochemical 5301b reported 9900 yuan/ton

the quotation of PE market in Beijing fell, and there were few firm offers for the time being. International crude oil/lldpe futures fell sharply, hitting the mentality of businesses. At present, merchants are actively shipping, and the market price is declining. Daqing Petrochemical 5000S reported 10150 yuan/ton, Yanshan Petrochemical 5200b reported 10200 yuan/ton

the quotation of PE market in Nanjing remained strong and the transaction was depressed. 10400 yuan/ton for 5000S and 9900 yuan/ton for 5301b. There are not many sources of goods

the price of PE market in Hangzhou is stable, the demand is flat, it is difficult to ship today, and the market supply is basically normal. Yangzi Petrochemical reported 10400 yuan/ton for 5000S. Maoming Petrochemical 5502 reported 10000 yuan/ton

the PE market in Shanghai has stabilized, and the prices of some imported materials have fluctuated, but the overall transaction is relatively difficult. The price of low-pressure membrane is still high, and traders have a general mentality of shipping, so they are worried about the future performance. Lanhua 5000S reported 10400 yuan/ton

some quotations in Shunde PE market fell slightly today, with a range of about yuan/ton. However, the overall supply is not much, and the intention of merchants to ship at a low price is not obvious. Lanzhou 5000S reported 9650 yuan/ton

the supply of PE market in Chengdu is general, the futures are lower, and the merchants say they are confused about the future market, so they are mainly clearing their positions. Today's price has fallen slightly by about 50 yuan/ton, and there are not many transactions/2426h is 11000 yuan/ton, tr144 is short, and the achievement level is low. 5502 is 10000 yuan/ton, 5000S is 10300 yuan/ton, 60550 is 10200 yuan/ton, and tr480 is 10700 yuan/ton

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