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From now on to the 25th of this month, as long as a volunteer comes to recycle empty moon cake boxes from now on to the 25th of this month, as long as you dial one, volunteers will take the initiative to recycle the discarded moon cake boxes in your home. This is the "environmental protection Mid Autumn Festival - moon cake box recycling activity" jointly organized by the southeast Morning Post and Quanzhou Volunteer Association. Its theme is "sharing the green Mid Autumn Festival and building a beautiful home together"

according to the proponent of the activity, before the Mid Autumn Festival, people always choose moon cakes with exquisite packaging when buying moon cakes. Once the festival is over, no matter how beautiful the moon cake packaging box is, it is useless. Most people will choose to throw away the moon cake box as garbage. Of course, some people feel pity, but do not know how to deal with it

in consideration of environmental protection, Quanzhou volunteer association decided to launch the recycling of moon cake boxes. For each moon cake box recycled, volunteers will give citizens a glass water cup as a gift, recycling:/

it is reported that the organizer of the event also plans to organize an exhibition of recycled moon cake boxes on the 25th of this month, so that citizens can rate the most wasteful packaging. In addition, a DIY competition for recycling moon cake boxes will be organized, and citizens can use moon cake boxes to make reusable items at the event site

it is understood that this is the first time Quanzhou has carried out the activity of recycling moon cake boxes. The first person to put forward this initiative was environmental protection volunteer Xiaoqian. "Twoorthree months ago, I saw friends of the earth in Hong Kong carry out moon cake box recycling activities, which is the third time this year. Last year, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province also carried out similar activities. I just want to introduce this activity to Quanzhou." Xiao Qian said that every year, more than a dozen moon cake boxes in his family are discarded as garbage. Although the boxes are beautifully packed, there is not so much room at home to store these boxes. From the perspective of environmental protection, the materials used in boxes are a waste of resources, and finally become garbage, which will cause environmental pollution. In August this year, Xiaoqian formally proposed this idea with Quanzhou Volunteer Association. After discussion on the practical meaning of the latter for users, we finally decided to carry out this activity

the organizer hopes to arouse the environmental awareness of Quanzhou citizens through this activity

in depth analysis:

before the festival, it is like gold and jade. After the festival, it becomes garbage

moon cake boxes. What should we do with you?

moon cake packaging is a good-looking packaging when we buy it. But after the Mid Autumn Festival, the hollowed out box after eating the moon cakes inside is a bit like chicken ribs that "leave it useless and discard it as a pity". Now, Quanzhou finally has the activity of recycling moon cake boxes. It is understood that the proponent has not yet thought of a good way to deal with the recycling of moon cake boxes

what is the use of moon cake boxes after recycling? The host solicits good ideas from readers

on the "wenlingyuan environmental protection group zone" on the BBS of the "volunteer camp" of the Quanzhou youth volunteer forum, a special section of "environmental protection Mid Autumn Festival" has been opened, among which the post of "moon cake box recycling activity" is very popular

this post published the "moon cake box recycling activity plan" drawn up by volunteers, and many citizens responded with great support. However, there is no good idea about how to use these moon cake boxes after recycling

"we have no experience and are also exploring. We plan to sell those paper or iron boxes as waste products; save the boxes with the hidden value of collecting mainframe, microcomputer and printer. In addition, we plan to give some moon cake boxes to children in kindergarten as their production materials that are 50% greater than the slope of the curve at the beginning." Xiaoqian, one of the volunteers, said that there is no better way to use these boxes. They hope readers to brainstorm and come up with ideas together

for the above ideas, some citizens said that now the packaging of moon cake boxes is becoming more and more luxurious. If they are sold as waste products, it is very wasteful, and they should find better ways to deal with it. Some citizens said that for those boxes with exquisite shapes and special materials, they felt it a pity to throw them away. Generally, they would collect the boxes after eating moon cakes

Miss Lin, who works as an assistant manager in a trading company in Luojiang District, said that the moon cake boxes are so beautiful, and some are more expensive than moon cakes. It's a pity to sell them to waste collectors. She simply put them at home and put some small things. She said that her stainless steel moon cake box helped her a lot. It contained needles, thread and odds and ends. "Because I'm easy to lose things, so it's more convenient for me to find those little things."

the luxurious packaging of moon cake boxes not only wastes resources but also pollutes the environment

in recent years, the phenomenon of excessive packaging of moon cakes on the market is very serious. Despite the regulations issued by the state this year, excessive packaging of moon cakes is still prohibited repeatedly, and some manufacturers still pursue exquisite, luxurious and elegant packaging

volunteer Xiao Qian said that his relatives and friends all sent moon cakes to each other. This time, he recycled seven moon cake boxes from his home. With the help of other volunteers, 50 moon cake boxes have been recycled

"most of these moon cake boxes are made of paper or wood, and some weigh as much as 2 jin, which is a waste of wood." Xiao Qian also found that silk was used in many inner packages of moon cake boxes, and silk woven flowers were also on the outer packages of some boxes

according to statistics, China's baking industry spends as much as 2.5 billion yuan on moon cake packaging every year, and the packaging cost accounts for more than 30% of the production cost of moon cakes on average. For every 10000 boxes of moon cakes produced, 100 trees with a diameter of more than 10 cm need to be cut down for packaging consumables. In addition, metal, silk, plastic, foam, paper and other materials are also widely used in moon cake packaging

"such extravagant packaging is too wasteful, consumes a lot of resources, and also creates a lot of packaging waste, causing environmental problems." Xiao Qian said that the value of the moon cake box made with so many resources was like a flash in the pan, and it immediately became garbage after the festival

it is reported that there is no effective treatment method for recycling moon cake boxes at present. Except for those made of paper or iron, some may be sold as waste products, such as wooden moon cake boxes and most of them will eventually be sent to landfills or incinerated together with ordinary household garbage

under the current waste treatment method, the moon cake box not only has no recycling value, but on the contrary, it greatly increases the waste treatment cost, increases the labor volume of environmental sanitation workers, and takes up the originally limited landfill volume

after the Mid Autumn Festival, the garbage trucks in the polluted area are full.

in the garbage recycling station, there are few abandoned moon cake boxes. According to the staff of the management section of Quanzhou environmental sanitation department, because most moon cake boxes are paper, they can be sold as waste paper. Cleaners or rags will collect them and then sell them by themselves. Very few enter the recycling station. If they enter the recycling station, they will be transported to the landfill. It is reported that a kilo of paper can now be sold for 0.5 yuan to 0.55 yuan

in fact, the moon cake boxes are piled into hills, and the situation that affects the living environment happens around us. Tian'an road press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, twists and turns, riveting and forming. Mr. Liu in a residential area told that before and after the mid autumn festival every year, there will be a stack of moon cake boxes piled into hills downstairs where he lives, paper, wood, plastic, iron, everything, and some even throw the unfinished moon cakes out together with the cake boxes. The aunt in charge of cleaning downstairs has to pick it up several times a day, and the garbage truck in the community is full every day. "Every time I see those exquisite boxes thrown in the dustbin, I feel very sorry, but I can't help it."

"moon cake box is a kind of solid waste." The head of the publicity and education section of Quanzhou Environmental Protection Bureau said that without recycling, these boxes will increase the pollution of solid waste to the city. Especially at present, the excessive packaging of moon cake boxes is very serious, and the biggest harm is a waste of resources. "In the current context of building an energy-saving society, to carry out this activity, the last thing is to let everyone establish environmental awareness." Chief Ma said

at the same time, this activity also put forward requirements for consumers and production enterprises, calling on moon cake production enterprises to take responsibility for environmental protection and society, pack moon cakes with non-toxic, harmless, easily degradable or recyclable materials, and take the initiative to set up moon cake box recycling points; Encourage consumers to buy products from enterprises that use green packaging and establish a recycling system for packaging boxes

merchants support the recycling and reuse of moon cake boxes, but say it is difficult to do it.

nowadays, it is difficult for moon cakes to make greater breakthroughs in shape and filling. In order to win over consumers, merchants can only make great efforts in the outer packaging design of moon cakes. Some merchants also say that it is "very troublesome" to deal with these beautiful packaging boxes after the festival

Liu, deputy general manager of Licheng Hotel, said, "our hotel has no plan to recycle moon cake boxes for the time being. I heard that some manufacturers in Quanzhou were considering recycling last year, but the specific situation is not clear." □ Morning Post Huang Yifen, Yan penglin, Jiahua intern Zhang jianxinwen/figure

related reports:

Hong Kong launched the "Chang Oh action"

the discarded moon cake cans are enough to fill 100 Olympic standard swimming pools

according to media reports, the discarded moon cake cans in Hong Kong this year are enough to fill 100 Olympic standard swimming pools. Friends of the earth of Hong Kong's "Chang Oh action" once again held the moon cake can recycling action, and called on the government to speed up the launch of the "household waste source classification plan", improve the recycling system, and solve the recycling problem of cans and other useful resources

the "constant action" of friends of the earth in Hong Kong is to often "remind" and "nag" moon cake manufacturers to fulfill the producers, take the lead in reducing excessive packaging, launching environmentally friendly packaging products, and recycling moon cake boxes; At the same time, promote consumers to support green consumption, refuse to buy over packaged products, and cooperate with the recycling of moon cake cans

last year, 120000 moon cake cans were recycled by "changoh action". This year, the association worked with the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Hong Kong Housing Society to promote recycling in nearly 200 housing villages and estates under its jurisdiction from September 15 to October 9. At the same time, it joined hands with the Hong Kong Association of education professionals (HKIEd) to appeal to its 80000 members and schools to respond to the collection of moon cake cans

in a survey conducted by friends of the earth in Hong Kong, citizens believed that if the government launched the "household waste source classification plan" to expand the types of recycling, they would support this action. However, some people also raised questions: even if citizens are willing to classify from the source, how to improve recycling channels is still a problem

source: Southeast Morning Post

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