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Luxury packaging: more elegant and special

verreries brosse launched the so-called "fairy tale" new product for alchimie. According to the company's introduction, this product is packaged in a colorless glass bottle like a vivid pumpkin, and the cork looks like an arrow after special design, and the shape is very cute. The cork of perfume is glass, and the round lines outside the bottle give the bottle a bright and transparent texture. The most creative part is that the thickness of these lines and the size of the shapes are irregular. The area of the trademark on the front of the bottle is set off by colorful decorations, and the whole package reveals a graceful temperament

Cebal claims to be the world's advanced luxury packaging supplier, providing plastic, composite tubes and aluminum cans for cosmetics, health care and other products. The company has developed a polyethylene pipe for Jean Paul Gaultier, on which the brand trademark of metal can be directly printed. The company also produced an aluminum can for Thierry Mugler. The design and production of this kind of aluminum can are of modern quality and perfect printing quality. The aluminum tube developed for Lanc me not only protects content products, but also does not damage the style and taste of content products

valois company is very proud of its carefully designed VP4 suction nozzle. This product has a simple and compact structure and a very elegant shape. Many well-known companies such as Dior, rochas, Issey miyak é and Guerlain are made of monomer β- PHB products prepared from butyrolactone adopt this package. Following the launch of TENDRE poison, Christian Dior hopes that Valois will provide nozzle design for its latest perfume product, hypotic poison. After many thoughts and improvements, Valois shortened and adjusted the VP3 nozzle used in tendrepoison products, and introduced a new VP4 nozzle, which met Dior's requirements. Alchimie's latest 30 ml, 50 ml, 75 ml and 100 ml rochas products are also packaged by Valois. In order to improve the transparency of the bottle, the company chose crystal piston tube packaging. Not only that, its latest perfume uses a mini 2ml small bottle

not long ago, it was the paper and paperboard industry that restructured sales for several periods. Fragrances in - International launched a very special perfume product in France. This perfume has two different fragrances, which are packed in a bottle with two isolated glass tubes. One is the fragrance of the day, and the other is more ghostly, which is suitable for the night. The company chose incognito's bottle without straw for the packaging of this product. The shape of the whole glass bottle is creative. Users only need to tilt the bottle, and perfume will flow into the mouth of the bottle. Gently press the nozzle to complete the whole spraying process

In recent years, ENSO company has found that packaging has higher and higher requirements for printing and transparency. In response to this trend, they have developed a new paperboard that is 10% - 20% lighter than ordinary styrene paperboard. It has a layer of bleached mineral coating and contains CTMP that can improve the quality of cardboard packaging. The products suitable for packaging with this new type of cardboard include candy, gifts, cosmetics, food and tobacco. Enso also strongly advocates its ensocoat and ensogloss series of paperboard products. These two series of paperboard with slip phenomenon are also coated with styrene, which is suitable for luxury packaging with high requirements for transparency and brightness. Ensocard is the latest member of the company's graphics and packaging cardboard series. This kind of non SBS coated

material is developed to meet the needs of environmental protection and maintain balanced printing quality. It is very suitable for the packaging of cosmetics, alcoholic beverages and gifts

iggesund company developed the carton excel series of folding cartons for the packaging of the beverage industry, with the joint participation of field packaging company. The results of their joint efforts are very encouraging. The quality of the new paperboard developed is 420 grams per square meter, which is particularly safe for whisky and other products, and the surface whiteness and gloss have been improved. Due to the expansion of the volume, each ton of this kind of cardboard can produce 8% more finished cartons than the general carton materials. Working ton Viren, the manager of the company, said, "from the perspective of customers, this kind of paperboard is lighter than ordinary ones, but in fact, customers can produce more products with the same quality of paperboard produced by our company than others, which can bring greater benefits to customers." Although this folding carton paperboard is widely used in the electronic information industry, aviation, automobile, military industry and other fields with high quality requirements, and is developed for the whisky industry, it can also be widely used in cosmetics, medicine, health care and other industries

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