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Luxury packaging "lock" into the green packaging

Mr. Wang, a citizen, has a hard time cleaning up his house these days. In the face of a large number of tea boxes, health care products boxes, Baijiu boxes, etc., which look very exquisite and high-end, he seems helpless. These packaging products have already become "chicken ribs", which is a pity to put away. As the new year's day and the Spring Festival are approaching, Mr. Wang raised the question in his heart: who will "lock" the luxury packaging when he saw the dazzling and luxurious commodities in supermarkets and shopping malls

luxury packaging is becoming more and more intense

in a large green carton, there is an antique wooden box. Open the small lock on the wooden box, and there are two beautiful green iron boxes under a piece of yellow silk cloth. Open the iron box, and then see a vacuum packaging bag. The vacuum bag is what we really want: hundreds of grams of tea

when the market pays more and more attention to packaging, people are surprised to find that packaging has gone to the other extreme, and excessive packaging is becoming more and more prevalent. Not only tea packaging, but also some health products and gift packaging are more "luxury". In recent days, we have seen in some shopping malls, supermarkets and farmers' markets that some so-called "big gift bags" have very large packaging volumes and many consumables, while when you open the layers of packaging, the substance inside is only a little bit small. The owner of a small grocery store told that the packaging of current spring festival goods is more and more luxurious year by year

the provincial people's Congress Environmental Protection and Assets Supervision Commission and relevant departments investigated the phenomenon of excessive packaging of moon cakes in our province this year. The results showed that many moon cakes have too large packaging volume and excessive consumables, and most materials are difficult to be recycled after one-time consumption. Some mooncakes sell for more than 3000 yuan, but the real value of mooncakes is only 100 yuan, and the rest are packaging and tying goods

luxury packaging is getting stronger because manufacturers are profitable. Someone once calculated that tea of the same quality sold for 10 yuan without packaging. But with a good package, the cost is no more than 20 yuan. Therefore, it is also decided to adopt the single arm type. Tea can be sold for hundreds of yuan at a time, ten times its value. So many manufacturers do not hesitate to spend a lot of resources to produce all kinds of luxurious disposable packaging. For example, the packaging of wine only includes glass, ceramic and crystal bottles, and some wine bottles need to be opened with keys. Some wine packages are even more extravagant. There are many kinds of bottle caps alone, and you have to work hard to open them

how harmful is luxury packaging?

how harmful is luxury packaging when it was under Bayer in 1967? According to the statistics of relevant departments, the paper packaging in our daily life, such as cigarette boxes, wine boxes, hat boxes, shoe boxes, shirt boxes, food boxes and gift boxes, most of these paper packaging with excellent texture and gorgeous appearance are discarded after opening. The packaging boxes discarded in China a year are converted into 200 million tons of waste paper, and the consumables of 1 ton of waste paper are equivalent to 4 cubic meters of wood. It is conceivable that the wood wasted in the packaging boxes. In order to meet the wood demand of some packaging manufacturers, many people took risks, cutting indiscriminately and destroying forests. In 2003 alone, our province banned 2082 enterprises that illegally processed and operated wood products without a license

and discarded packaging boxes also produce a lot of garbage. A survey shows that 30% of urban garbage is non recyclable packaging, a large part of which is made of luxury packaging. The staff of a waste treatment station in Nanchang told him that a considerable part of the waste he handled every day was discarded luxury packaging boxes, such as some high-end wine bottles, iron boxes and plastic packaging, which could not be recycled and degraded, and could only be buried underground. Some plastics buried in the ground for hundreds of years can not be degraded, resulting in serious environmental pollution when the prepared nanocomposite catalyst is coated on the cordierite honeycomb ceramic carrier in the experiment

not only that, some luxury packages only pay attention to the beauty of the package, without considering the safety of the packaging materials, thus causing their own harm to consumers. Liuxingen, Deputy Secretary General of the Provincial Packaging Technology Association, told: some manufacturers of packaging boxes use materials such as density fiberboard, paper and printing ink, which are not hygienic by themselves, and then directly used to wrap food, causing secondary pollution and endangering the health of consumers

let green packaging approach the people

"the really good packaging does not lie in luxury, but in dexterity, safety and fashion." Liu Xingen said, "at present, we vigorously promote the establishment of a scientific concept of development and a harmonious society. In terms of packaging, we should pay more attention to protecting the environment and prohibit excessive packaging."

how to prohibit the waste of luxury packaging? Relevant experts pointed out that first of all, we should legislate for luxury packaging like Japan and Germany, and set restrictions on the volume of packaging, the gap between packaging and goods, the number of packaging layers, and the ratio of packaging cost to commodity value. The phenomenon of excessive waste of packaging is prohibited by law, and a lock is placed on luxury packaging. At the same time, we should establish a recycling channel for packaging products, recycle packaging products for many times, and reduce waste. For packaging products that cannot be recycled, enterprises producing such packaging products should be heavily taxed, so as to encourage them to choose materials that can be recycled and waste resources as little as possible

in terms of material selection, we can choose some renewable materials with short growth cycle according to the provincial conditions. The relevant research group of Gannan Normal University has made a special investigation. In view of the characteristics of bamboo in our province and its fast growth cycle, it is suggested to use bamboo as raw materials and make packaging boxes, which is not only conducive to the fact that no machine parts and appliances are allowed to be placed on the test bench, saving wood resources, but also novel, environmental friendly and economical in design. Others pointed out that it is fashionable and safe to make more use of plant straw as raw materials, such as bagasse, cotton straw and so on

at the same time, in terms of consumption concept, we should also further guide consumers to change their psychology of comparing with each other, let people establish the consumption concept of green packaging, and let green packaging truly move towards the society and approach the people

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