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Luxi Chemical plans to build a 200000 ton caprolactam project. Luxi Chemical announced that in order to further promote the adjustment of the company's product structure, do a good job in the extension of coal chemical products, and develop circular economy, it plans to invest in the construction of a 200000 ton caprolactam project. The total investment of the project is 2.502 billion yuan, which is constructed in two phases and completed in three years. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will increase by 4billion yuan, and the profit and tax will be about 800million yuan

the project is implemented by Liaocheng Meisi New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Luxi Chemical Industry. Luxi Chemical said that at present, the land acquired by the company can meet the needs of new projects. The funds required for project construction are mainly raised by enterprises and bank loans. The project can improve the company's comprehensive market competitiveness and anti risk ability, and cultivate new economic growth points

according to the data, caprolactam is mainly used in the production of nylon 6 chips, and further used in the production of nylon 6 fibers and nylon 6 engineering plastics. It is widely used in wool spinning, knitting, weaving, fisheries, tires, engineering plastics, films and composite materials. Since this year, the Poisson's ratio of type IV samples used to determine the above two kinds of FRP has continued to decline, resulting in the continuous decline in the price of caprolactam. Industry analysts said that caprolactam continued to decline in the aftermarket. However, the Ministry of commerce finally ruled on October 18 that there was dumping of imported caprolactam originating in the European Union and the United States, and imposed an anti-dumping duty of 2.2% to 25.5% on imported caprolactam originating in the above regions with technology priority from October 22, 2011, This may bring vitality to the domestic depressed caprolactam market. Its business scope mainly focuses on the manufacturing of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative solutions used in many fields of daily life

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