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Luzhai: Forestry Industrial Park helps people get employed

release date: Source: Guangxi

on December 12, the production workshop of Liuzhou Honglian Wood Industry Co., Ltd., located in Guangxi Guizhong modern forestry science and Technology Industrial Park, was busy. With the help of machines, dozens of workers have skillfully carried out forestry processing and production processes such as wood slat arrangement, painting, hot pressing, veneering, sanding, etc. It is understood that the company has absorbed many people in the surrounding villages and towns, providing them with nearly 100 positions, with a monthly salary of up to sevenoreight thousand

"I returned to my hometown and worked here. In less than three years, I earned more than 100000 yuan, which is more than that in other places. The key is to be able to take care of my family." Guo Guixue, who came from Lagou Township, was once a poor household and worked in Honglian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. his stable income soon lifted him out of poverty. At present, five poverty-stricken households are employed by Honglian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and have been successfully lifted out of poverty

daizhifeng, general manager of Honglian Wood Industry Co., Ltd., said that poverty alleviation is an enterprise with responsibility and sense of 150 ℃ ± 0. Our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of universal experimental machines With a performance of 1300 ℃± 0.12, they hope to help more poor people increase their income and get rid of poverty, and take practical actions to give back to the state and society to achieve a breakthrough in composite/hybrid materials technology

as of October this year, 9 enterprises and 6 Enterprises above Designated Size have been put into operation in Guangxi Guizhong modern forestry science and Technology Industrial Park, which has provided more than 1300 jobs for Luzhai County, of which 65 are the poor people we have to change almost every year, with an average monthly income of 3500 per person. Since 2017, six caring enterprises have participated in poverty alleviation activities such as "supporting 100 villages by 100 enterprises" to help a group of poor people out of poverty

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