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Application of anti pollution system in shallow water mobile platform - anti pollution system of Shengli shallow water mobile platform (II)

1. Main anti pollution measures of Shengli shallow water mobile platform

Shengli Oilfield has always attached great importance to marine environmental protection, and "paying attention to environmental protection" has been one of the principles of shallow water oil exploration and development. Insist on the simultaneous design, construction and production of the pollution prevention system and the main project, and strictly implement various laws, regulations and standards. According to the characteristics of shallow water, fully relying on land environmental protection facilities, we have actively carried out the research and design of the platform anti pollution system, and accumulated some experience

2. Key points for the selection of general anti pollution devices

the selection of domestic sewage treatment devices determines the treatment capacity according to the fixed number of personnel on the platform, and then selects the finalized domestic sewage treatment device

there are no clear regulations on the selection of bilge oil sewage treatment equipment capacity in various countries. Germany selects according to the tonnage of the ship, while the Netherlands considers that the average amount of bilge water is 10% of the total tonnage according to the captain and Japan's marine sludge Prevention Act, and it is calculated according to the crew's hope that the oil-water separation equipment will operate for 1-2 hours every day. We also consider the amount of bilge water and the daily operation of the oil-water separation equipment. The gating system should have a small resistance to material flow; As the basis for selection

IMO rules have requirements for incinerators, but they do not explicitly stipulate that they must be installed. The configuration is mainly decided by the ship owner. According to the actual situation, Shengli shallow sea mobile platform is not equipped with this equipment. It uses bags to go ashore to treat brominated flame retardants, and often uses brominated triazine and brominated polystyrene

3. Design example of anti pollution system for shallow sea mobile platform

the following anti pollution system is briefly introduced with an operation platform in Shengli shallow sea as an example

3.1 domestic sewage system

a wcb-40 (s) domestic sewage treatment device is set in the pump compartment. The device is Trident type, with a treatment capacity of 40 people/D. the toilet feces are combined and flow to the sewage treatment device in the sewage treatment tank under the main deck, which is discharged into the sea after reaching the discharge standard

3.2 bilge oil sewage treatment system

is equipped with bilge pump hkz-170/130, oily water treatment device cysc-0.5, oil concentration meter, sewage tank, dirty oil tank and dirty oil pump GCN

the export of extruders from the main engine room, boiler room and emergency room on the main deck of the platform fell by 7.3% in the first 10 months of this year The generator room and operation deck are equipped with sewage wells, and the sewage is collected to the bilge main pipe and enters the sewage tank in the pump room. The bilge water of the pump room and triplex pump room is directly sucked and transported to the sewage tank by the bilge pump

therefore, the accuracy of the force value is high. The bilge water of the bilge tank is pumped to the sewage collection tank by the bilge pump. The oily water in the sewage tank can enter the oil sewage treatment device for separation. The separated water that meets the discharge requirements can be directly discharged into the sea; If the discharged water quality does not meet the standard, the oil concentration meter will automatically send an alarm, and the separated water will be discharged to the bilge. The separated waste oil is stored in the waste oil tank, and the waste oil in the waste oil tank is pumped into the waste oil tank by hand pump or gear waste oil pump for ashore treatment

the dirty oil and water in the dirty oil and water tank can also be directly pumped to the port and starboard of the main deck by the bilge pump, so as to concentrate the oily water on the shore or other ships for treatment

3.3 the well control oil spill prevention system

is equipped with universal BOP, double ram semi sealed BOP and single ram fully sealed BOP. The drill floor is equipped with BOP fluid control device, and the living area is equipped with remote console. The two are connected by gas cables, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of well oil spill accidents


due to the large amount and irregularity of downhole sewage produced during downhole operation, about 200m3 downhole sewage tank is set to collect sewage, which is pumped into the sewage receiving ship by sand pump through both sides for ashore treatment

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