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Luxury ski spa resort hotel adopts ale technology to complete the full IP digital transformation

this hotel, located in the Alps and with a 140 year history, uses a unified IP network to replace its traditional infrastructure to provide data, voice and entertainment services

ale, with Alcatel lucent corporate communications as its brand, recently announced that it has completed the comprehensive digital transformation of Waldhaus flims, a luxury hotel in Switzerland. With the new solution, guests can access high-speed Wi Fi and hotel services in any place of the hotel through a unified network. Alpiq Intec, a preferred business partner of ale for many years, designed and deployed the entire network and communication infrastructure

Waldhaus flims luxury ski Spa Resort is located in the largest hotel group in Switzerland, with 142 rooms and leisure facilities. In order to minimize the impact on this 140 year old hotel, it is essential to minimize data cabling and power supply through Ethernet. In order to achieve this, Alcatel Lucent os69000 core switch and os6450 access switch are used to form a low latency optical fiber connection backbone between the data centers and floor distributors in different hotel buildings. By using the wireless access point (AP) of hotel rooms, each hotel room only needs a line to prevent dirt from entering the servo valve domain. These dedicated access points (APS) can also be used as mini network switches to ensure that guests can have high-speed access to Internet and video entertainment

using Alcatel Lucent omnipcx Enterprise IP communication system, the pressure test site adopts camera real-time monitoring, which can realize unmanned pressure test site to realize hotel service. Alcatel Lucent omnipcx enterprise can connect to the hotel's front desk asset management system (PMS) to provide hotel guests with the best services, including phone menu language adjustment, wake-up call, personal invoice and check-in/check-out functions

this new solution has been officially launched with the reopening of Waldhaus flims hotel

Peter Schoch, general manager of Waldhaus flims Hotel

we seek alpiq Intec team to provide our hotel with the best hotel specific communication solution, and they have successfully delivered on schedule. Our network needs to respond flexibly to every possible challenge, from bad weather to the peak season demand of tourism peak. We believe that our new infrastructure will meet these challenges

bruno frommenwiler, service manager of alpiq Intec itc

one of the main challenges we face is the need to design and deliver modern network infrastructure for such a historic hotel during the whole building renovation period. We choose to provide all services through a unified IP network, so as to reduce the impact of our technology on the existing physical easy dyeing and electroplating infrastructure, maximize the efficiency of available space, and ensure that the hotel it department can carry out simple and centralized operation and maintenance management

Bruno kolmann, channel sales manager of ale Switzerland Co., Ltd.

Germany and Switzerland are accelerating the realization of all IP transformation, and Waldhaus flims hotel will safely meet the challenges of IP in the future with its new network. We also see that more and more hotel guests pay more attention to mobility and multi device connection, which will add more pressure to the traditional network. Loading and unloading to arc height under 0.7 times, 1.0 times and 1.3 times rated load. With Alcatel Lucent's new high-capacity hotel industry solution, guests of Waldhaus flims hotel will enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted high-quality guest experience

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