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Nanjing: luxury packaging boxes set up a "fortress" on the spot

at the readers' day, college student volunteers of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University built a "fortress" more than one meter high with more than 200 luxury packaging boxes collected, in order to call for curbing the excessive luxury packaging style. As soon as the "refuse luxury, comment on excessive packaging" activity jointly organized by this newspaper and the Environmental Protection Bureau was unveiled yesterday, the luxury level of some packaging boxes made citizens shout "incredible"! To strengthen dust control

at the event site, Dr. Bai Yiyao, School of environment, Nanjing University, commented on the luxury packaging boxes on display one by one. One of the moon cake boxes painted with matt paint made citizens "open their eyes". We can see that it is the first choice for material experiments in the automotive industry. The surface of the box is a layer of transparent PC plastic film, the outer box is made of density plate, and the bottom of the box is also padded with yellow silk and foam. The whole box looks "elegant". Dr. Bai said that such a box could cost 70 yuan just for workmanship. If the cost of mooncakes inside was 200 yuan, the cost of mooncakes alone would cost 270 yuan. Once such mooncakes entered the market, the price would definitely double. It takes at least 7 times to brush such a box with matte paint, but the moon cake box made with so many resources is as valuable as a flash in the pan and becomes garbage immediately after the festival

Xu Xiaotie, deputy director of the environmental publicity Center of Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau, said that the main purpose of launching such activities through the Yangtze Evening News Reader's Day is to enhance citizens' awareness of environmental protection, encourage consumers to buy products with green packaging, and consciously resist those over packaged one-step injection molding and coating products; At the same time, it is also hoped that food production and sales enterprises will take on the responsibility of environmental protection and adopt non-toxic, harmless, degradable or recyclable packaging materials

information source: Yangzi Evening News

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