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Luxury packaging creates amazing "beautiful garbage"

it is not good-looking, delicious, and useless. Today, when traditional etiquette is materialized into gifts, all goods that can be packaged and given away are gradually becoming the hardest hit areas of luxury packaging. The waste of food packaging is a cliche. Relevant departments have repeatedly ordered to regulate the waste behavior of enterprises, but they have never seen any improvement

hidden worries under gorgeous packaging

the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, and eye-catching promotional activities can be seen everywhere at the entrance of major supermarkets. The moon cake boxes with gorgeous packaging are competing to appear, which is slightly convergent compared with the previous luxury, but also dazzling. In addition, all kinds of commodities with the name of Mid Autumn Festival, such as tea, Baijiu, health products, etc., are also dressed brightly. Traditional paper packaging has long been out of the stage of history, replaced by high-end new materials such as glass and wood. The high-end packaging goes beyond the function of the product itself. Without careful observation, consumers can't see what medicine is sold in this gorgeous gourd

the waste of Chinese packaging has been criticized, and the resulting environmental protection problems are really distressing. According to the statistics of the International Food Packaging Association, among the nearly 3million tons of garbage generated in Beijing every year, the packaging of various commodities accounts for about 830000 tons, of which 600000 tons are caused by excessive packaging. One third of the municipal domestic waste is packaging waste, and more than half of these packaging waste belongs to luxury packaging, and they are not new environmental protection materials, and they simply do not have the value of recycling for reuse. The bright packaging is only used once. The city we live in is gradually surrounded by these beautiful garbage. China has become one of the countries with the most serious waste of luxury packaging in the world. Such figures are staggering, and I don't know whether they will wake up those sleepy businesses

excessive packaging virtually constitutes a hidden fraud to consumers. Under the gorgeous shell, the cost of packaging will even exceed the cost of the product itself, and there are many goods whose price greatly exceeds the value of the product itself. Due to layers of packaging, consumers are completely unaware of the quality of the products in the package Automatic diagnosis function line consumption. It is a common trick of merchants to deceive consumers with inferior food packaging, leaving consumers with only ignorance and helpless choices. According to the statistics of the International Food Packaging Association, the value of discarded packaging materials is as high as 400billion yuan every year, which is naturally paid by consumers. Consumers should not only bear the cost of products, but also bear the cost of excessive packaging. Not only that, the cost of landfilling excessive packaging waste is also paid by consumers' taxes. Spending money wrongly, but failed to get the value it should have enjoyed. 50% of consumers said they were unwilling to buy over packaged products. However, although the holiday gifts in the market are very different, they belong to the same category, which makes consumers helpless

businesses and consumers do their best

decades ago, general goods were almost naked, paying more attention to the research and development of product quality and relying on the reputation of consumers to win. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the use of holiday commodities began to expand beyond eating. The competition among similar businesses also tends to be white hot, and they pay more attention to the competition of attention economy. While gorgeous packaging attracts the attention of consumers, it is also the most effective shortcut to improve the grade of products

the senior management of a professional health care products company revealed to him that our company will cooperate with professional packaging design companies every year, because as long as the products are decorated with gorgeous clothes, the added value of the products will increase by at least 20%, while the actual packaging cost is very little. Packaging often uses colors with high color intensity, high lightness and strong contrast. For example, gold and silver are gorgeous, and the combination of black and red gives people a sense of atmosphere. Such colors are often favored by consumers. Of course, there are also many packages that follow the fresh and elegant route. They also look high-end and exquisite. Their ultimate purpose is to create a visual impact on consumers by relying on the harmony of colors, so that consumers will have a desire to buy all kinds of geomembranes, Geotextiles and composites, geomembranes and non-woven fabric composites for water conservancy construction at the first time. The fundamental purpose of strengthening packaging is to attract eyeballs, increase the added value of products, and improve the grade of products. As the saying goes, goods sell for a skin, and smart businesses know this truth

the emergence of luxury packaging also meets people's psychological needs of not seeking the best, but the most expensive. Ms. Zhang, who bought the moon cake gift box, said: the first standard for us to choose gifts is the packaging, and the second is the brand. As for the quality of the products in the packaging, they are generally the same. When you buy it, you want to give it away. What you want to give away is face. Of course, you should choose the one with good packaging. The moon cakes we eat at home are not so particular. What we want is affordable. We don't want to spend money on some packaging boxes. Photo: 3D printing of positive cell proliferators on TPU cell scaffolds

the consumption psychology with the characteristics of the times has bred the birth of gorgeous packaging. Consumers' demand for gorgeous packaging seems to far exceed their attention to product quality itself. Thrift is no longer a value respected by modern people, and the vanity of pursuing luxury and showing off wealth is a deep-rooted epitome of the times. The main purpose of general holiday gifts is to give people away. The more exquisite the packaging, the more dignified it will be. The recipient will not care too much about the quality of the products. What we need is sensory stimulation. It's enough to win a moment's pleasure

embarrassing supervision

whether from the perspective of environmental protection or consumer interests, the state has also issued relevant regulations to restrict the phenomenon of packaging waste, and even called on businessmen to adopt the concept of environmental protection by shooting public welfare promotional videos, but it seems that the packaging of goods as natural wooden pallets has not played a practical role

on March 28 last year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the National Standardization Administration issued the national standard "requirements for restricting excessive packaging of goods - Food and cosmetics", which was implemented on April 1 last year. The standard imposes mandatory slimming requirements on the outer packaging of beverages, wines, pastries, grains, health food, cosmetics and other products, such as the number of layers of food and cosmetics sales packaging shall not be more than 3, and the packaging void ratio shall not be greater than 60%. In addition, the total cost of all packaging except the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the selling price of the goods. The fundamental purpose of this regulation is to restrict manufacturers from choosing high-end materials such as wood or metal for packaging goods, reduce waste caused by excessive packaging, and help save natural resources

now, the new national standard has been implemented for one year. Because there is no law enforcement and supervision department to follow up directly, there is no clear attribution between departments, let alone punitive governance measures, so the actual effect is very little. On the other hand, the problem of poor operability of laws and regulations cannot be ignored. There are a wide range of goods. Different goods have different packaging needs, so it is difficult to issue unified, quantitative, rigid and enforceable packaging standards. The design of each package is entirely up to the enterprise itself, and there is no approval and review process. The enterprise has great discretion in the use of packaging, and the difficulty of supervision can be imagined. Moreover, enterprises objectively have interest demands, with policies at the top and Countermeasures at the bottom, so the embarrassment of the supervision department is no longer inevitable

while vigorously advocating a conservation oriented society, the phenomenon of packaging waste has not been alleviated. Enterprises lack awareness of environmental protection, compete to pursue the benefits brought by gorgeous packaging, and lack of supervision at the implementation level, any powerful policies will be in vain

many enterprises are playing environmental protection signs in order to get the support of relevant government policies, but how many enterprises prefer to give up their own interests in order to adhere to environmental protection? Few

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