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The luxury ceremony bloomed magnificently - the fourth Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition

Asia's leading luxury packaging exhibition, Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition, has successfully concluded at the end of March 2011, once again presenting a gorgeous feast for the industry

the 4th Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition, as an important Asian layout under Luxe Pack's global strategy, with its unique market position, successfully attracted the active participation of top enterprises around the world. At the same time, Luxe Pack's international brand background brought together professional audiences from 45 countries and regions around the world. This is a high-end gathering in the luxury packaging industry. Exhibitors can not only fully display their latest and most distinctive products on the booth, but also set up a luxury packaging creative forum to provide a key complementary display platform for exhibitors who constantly pursue innovation and adhere to the concept of environmental protection; Nine professional lectures and one exclusive Seminar on the spot provided participants with the latest and effective information of the industry in the shortest time; The on-site cocktail party created a comfortable and elegant negotiation atmosphere for those present; Scottish style bagpipes show spread the enthusiasm of the scene

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international top enterprises participate in the grand event

industry famous enterprises from many countries and regions around the world participate in 9. Displacement measurement accuracy stroke accuracy: ± 0.5%; Asia accounted for 74% and Europe and the United States accounted for 26% of the feast. With the continuous expansion of the influence of Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition, Asia has attracted most old exhibitors to participate again, while adding many high-quality enterprises, such as the number of Japanese manufacturers increased by 300% over last year; In Europe and the United States, it attracted companies from the United States, Russia and Sweden for the first time. Exhibitors involved in various links of the luxury packaging supply chain, including high-quality enterprises in the field of packaging and display (nearly 39%), such as do international dapy (France), Tiger color printing (Chinese Mainland), Knoll (United States), Korsn s (Sweden), MW luxury packaging (UK), Nissin textile (Japan), etc; At the same time, there are exhibitors from exquisite containers (nearly 19%), such as Yinchang packaging (South Korea), Euro cosmetic Asia (Taiwan), fusion packaging (United States), Gaocheng art packaging (Chinese Mainland), socoplan - Il OS (France), etc; There are senior manufacturers of raw materials (nearly 24%), such as Changyi specialty paper (Chinese Mainland), figuernia Asia (Hong Kong), Neenah paper (United States), taketo (Japan), thibierge COMAR (France), Kurtz (Germany), etc; Advanced design institutions (nearly 8%), such as: BETC design (France), CPDs (Russia), radical advertising image design GDS Asian representative (Taiwan), etc; In addition, there are exhibitors from webbing/ribbon (nearly 7%), trademarks and others (nearly 3%)

in the communication with the on-site exhibitors, it was found that most exhibitors were satisfied with the effect of this exhibition. For example, when applying force, they could rebound more energy. When participating in the exhibition for the first time, English precision Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) said that in the two-day exhibition, we not only met with old customers, but also with potential customers, and the harvest was relatively large. Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition is exquisite and high-end, giving exhibitors more opportunities to show and expose, and helping exhibitors improve their brand image. The company will include next year's exhibition in the company's daily arrangement, and I believe that the next exhibition will be more exciting. The old exhibitor, Jingzhi gift packaging Co., Ltd. (Chinese Mainland), said that at the Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition, it not only obtained business opportunities, but also learned about the hot topics and the latest trends of the industry through professional and high-quality lectures

global luxury brands gather here

Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition, with its globalized brand background, has continuously attracted luxury brands from all over the world to the scene. This year, there are 45 countries, which is nearly 40% higher than the previous one, and the number of visitors has also increased by nearly 20%. According to the organizer's survey, 70% of the audience came to the scene to find new suppliers and pay targeted visits to the target enterprises, while 69% said they came to the scene to obtain the latest creative works and the latest packaging design and technology in the industry

the audience came from decision-makers in different fields of the luxury industry, nearly 40% of whom came from the cosmetics/perfume industry, including not only international well-known brands such as Chanel, Dior, Unilever, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder who visited the exhibition many times, but also domestic rising national brands, such as baicaoji, Galan group, Shuangmei, Xiangyi herbal medicine, etc; The high-end food/medical/health care category accounts for 13% of the total number of visitors. Eden chocolate, GE Medical Group, Herbalife, first of all, we should check whether the friction of the working part is too large, such as Indonesia Longqing bird's nest, jingchafang tea, mombacho Mumba chief cigar, etc; The clothing industry accounts for 10%. Relevant personnel from the classic Italian brand Prada came to the scene, and Hermes, a world luxury brand, is a representative of the upper and lower brands created in the Chinese market. Although it is the first time to visit, they affirmed the overall quality of the exhibition and indicated that they would continue to pay attention to it, while VANCL, which has developed rapidly, organized corresponding teams to the scene; Liquor visitors from Diageo group, Remy Martin, Wuliangye, CITIC Guoan and other famous brands at home and abroad account for 8% of the total; Exquisite and luxurious jewelry/watches account for 7%, and brands include Richard Mille watches, chaohongji, cuihuangge, etc; There are also visitors from tobacco, fashion accessories, craft gifts, luxury hotels and other luxury areas

with the perfect closing of the fourth Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition, the organizers have begun to prepare for the next session while summarizing the exhibition. Please pay attention to the global exhibition information of Luxe Pack:

may, 2011, the 9th New York luxury packaging exhibition

October, 2011, the 24th Monaco luxury packaging exhibition

April 3-4, 2012, the 5th Shanghai international luxury packaging exhibition

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