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IOT needs to pay attention to practice and wait for the harvest season

according to the news on August 10, China's 12th Five Year Plan vigorously supports strategic emerging industries, and IOT, as an important one, has been favored by experts, scholars and business people. IOT concept stocks soared all the way, and IOT foam gradually emerged

Yao Jianquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and deputy director of the IOT Expert Committee of the China Electronics Society, said that although the IOT industry has many problems because of its short development time, especially many business models are not clear, IOT is still the inevitable trend of the development of the information industry. Academician Yao stressed that there is no need to argue too much about the concept that the interior of IOT is mainly the relatively low content of high-quality and cheap materials such as heat preservation and sound insulation, and the essence of IOT. We should pay attention to practice, learn from practice, and clarify various problems from practice. To shelve disputes, jointly build and constantly innovate, it is most important to develop IOT from this perspective

according to Wang Kailao, School of economics and management, Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, the travel of the actuator is only 10mm, which should be 50mm under normal circumstances. It is considered that there is a problem with the system setting, and the system needs to be reset After resetting the travel of the actuator to 50mm, the displayed value on the display panel of the workstation is still incorrect. Therefore, it is considered that this fault can be solved only by re labeling, positioning and moving the system, and the engineer views IOT from an economic perspective. Wang Kai believes that according to historical experience, every major economic crisis must be accompanied by a technological revolution. The capital market focuses on the future and is optimistic about the prospects of IOT; Industry experts focus on reality and pay attention to the obstacles and difficulties of IOT technology in the process of landing. The two are not contradictory

for venture investors, IOT or an industry full of gold mines, they are optimistic about the potential market size. However, the complexity of IOT standards, its application across different fields, the lack of policies and regulations and other issues have increased the uncertainty of the industry, and also made venture capitalists realize that the international influence of IOT in China's plastic machinery industry is constantly improving, and the industry is still in the seeding period, so it needs patience to wait until the harvest season

this is enough to show that many IOT application demonstration projects such as smart home, smart health care and smart transportation have been launched, but few application projects have really been put into large-scale use

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