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IOT opens a new era of smart balanced cars

for the two wheel balanced car, 2015 may become a short second in the long dark. The manual of "Segway" can only serve as a typewritten newspaper to wipe coffee stains in the boring afternoon tea - for a policy constraint, the proliferation of copycats, and only an unfulfilled "smart walking will fire" ticket, what reason can we make the two wheel balanced car return to the headlines? But there is always a keyword that is very intimate. It sends a bright flame in the dark night, such as "pay" or "vacation". For the balance car, the word is "IOT"

at present, only 1% of things in the world are connected to the Internet, and in the near future, everything may be connected to the Internet, and the intensity of environmental protection supervision will continue to upgrade. This is the next innovation of Internet, which will improve people's ability to perceive, understand and manage the world at an exponential rate. IOT has three key factors: first, connection and interconnection, and second, perception. The ability of connection and perception cannot be separated from hardware

the essence of IOT, connection and perception

that is, in the era of IOT, in addition to the functions of hardware itself (such as refrigerator refrigeration function, air conditioning temperature regulation function, rice cooker cooking function, driving function of balance car, etc.), it also has the function of connection and perception to correct the accuracy of the experimental machine, and send the data generated in the operation process to the cloud platform. After the processing of big data and artificial intelligence, Hardware will become intelligent

people will create many highly intelligent sensor systems. These sensor systems will replace people to understand and transform the world, so that people can control it. They can also clearly feed back the situation people want to know, and finally become the knowledge and experience people need through the processing of computer big data. For example, the positioning of the balance car (Geographic Information System) becomes more and more accurate, which is to make the GPS positioning system more accurate through big data analysis

the integration of IOT into all fields will inevitably bring great changes to all walks of life. The field of balance vehicle is very suitable for the implementation of IOT. At present, the whole balance car industry is full of the word "sensor". For example, the manipulation is mainly the application of gravity sensor technology, the positioning is mainly the application of geographic remote sensing technology, and IOT seems to be tailored for the balance car industry. In the IOT world, all sensing devices are connected to form multi tentacle sensing, and various sensing systems are organized together to form an intelligent balance vehicle with intelligent linkage. The index system that should be paid special attention to when selecting the tension machine for soft packaging material detection is analyzed

the main body of IOT is composed of three main parts. They are comprehensive perception, reliable transmission and intelligent processing. Take the "i-robot century riders" of Shanghai new century robot Co., Ltd., which has the best human-computer interaction, as an example, let's see what IOT functions it can achieve

i-robot balance car has various sensors, which can track your speed, power and position, and then send the data to the. This step is to achieve the interconnection of people. The product even has its own social network: it can release status messages to the "riders' circle", and has the functions of information recording and riders' radar in the experiment of the universal tensile testing machine, so as to achieve a higher level of physical interconnection and everyone interconnection. In addition, there are intelligent linkage systems based on man-machine dialogue, such as remote maintenance, electronic fence, car crash alarm, etc., which use a variety of ways to judge the potential danger, and when an emergency occurs, they will sense and trigger the alarm at the first time. Nowadays, the application of IOT makes the balance car more intelligent. More events can be prevented in time through the intelligent system, so as to control the events before they occur and improve the safety factor of the balance car

we are entering an era of "Internet of things". No matter where you are, you can keep in constant contact with the world. In the future, the balance car will be integrated under the big platform of IOT and become one of the "everything" connected to the Internet. After the integration and integration of the balance vehicle and IOT, the application prospect will be broader. Through the smart sensor chip, the information can be sensed in time and transmitted in real time, so that people and things can interact intelligently in real time, bringing us a brand-new experience of transportation with both safety and wisdom

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