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IOT technology enables the future power association to "think"

[Guide: the imbalance between power generation and consumption is a chronic difficulty in the operation of the power system. Smart electricity using IOT technology can actively think about solutions.]

relying on the scientific and technological innovation of the whole smart electricity industry chain, NARI Group will pilot and implement the smart electricity IOT demonstration project in Nanjing next year, which will further advance people from a truly convenient electrified life with electricity to a more intelligent era of detecting whether the host is powered on

the imbalance between power generation and consumption is a chronic problem in the operation of power system. Smart electricity with IOT technology can actively think about solutions

seen in Nari clean energy, a temperature and wind sensor installed on the transmission line can sense accurate meteorological information within a square kilometer. A small sensor can help solve the industry problem of renewable energy access

what we do is to implant IOT technology into electricity to make electricity smarter and safer. Guo Jinghong, deputy director of Nari information and Communication Research Institute, told that adding sensors to traditional transmission lines and power distribution equipment, and then connecting to IOT, will bring people a new experience of power consumption. For example, in the future, households will generally adopt solar panels for self-sufficiency in power supply compared with the advanced level abroad. The electricity that cannot be used up can enter the public electricity through smart electricity, and the electricity bill paid by the power company can be received every month. By 2015, this technology may enter the homes of ordinary people

IOT is not mysterious. Every household's electricity meter is a sensor. Ma yuankui, an engineering doctor from NARI Group Office, told that the weakest link in current electrical technology is power storage, which means that the generated power must be used immediately, otherwise it will cause a huge waste of energy. Through the application of new technology from all countries, this problem that has plagued power enterprises for many years will be solved

in September last year, Jiangsu Ruizhong Data Co., Ltd., established by NARI Group and three technology enterprises, led the research and development of real-time power demand perception center. According to technical experts, the perception center is a sensor network center for smart electricity. By collecting the information of electricity meters learned from every household, we can calculate the dynamic demand of domestic electricity for a certain period of time, and then feed this information back to the power generation enterprises in time to generate electricity on demand. While improving the degree of electrical intelligence, avoid the waste of cost of ineffective power generation

through scientific and technological innovation, NARI Group is in a leading position in key fields such as weather and condition detection of transmission lines, dispatching exchange, operation and maintenance of power transmission and transformation equipment, centralized control and so on, occupying an absolute advantage in the high-end field of power dispatching automation

according to the relevant person in charge of NARI Group, we are chain research and development, which runs through every link of the application of intelligent electronic IOT technology. Therefore, in the fields of sensing, transmission and knowledge, Nari has its own flagship products with independent intellectual property rights, forming the industrial chain advantages of IOT: in the field of sensing, Nari has independently developed a variety of sensor systems for environmental monitoring, forming its core competitiveness against foreign companies; In the field of transmission, optical communication and power line carrier communication technology and equipment are leaders in the industry; In the field of knowledge, the data and information processing capacity of its perception center is far ahead in China

Up to now, Nari has completed more than 600 major research and development projects, 66 scientific research achievements have won national science and technology awards, and has established scientific research and industrial bases in Nanjing, Wuhan, Hefei, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places. With long-term commitment to IOT + Power Research and development, Nari is about to reap hundreds of billions of market fruits. In August last year, State Grid Corporation of China put forward a three-step plan for smart electricity. By 2020, it will invest more than trillion yuan to build a strong smart electricity at the international advanced level. As soon as the news came out, the shares of Guodian Nari rose sharply. NARI insiders revealed that among the trillion cakes of smart electricity, Nari can cut more than 100 billion

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