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IOT speed-up sensor is difficult to cross the "one-step distance"

recently, the National Standardization Administration Committee issued announcement No. 27 of 2014. Three national standards, including the national standard "information technology Sensor Network Part 701: sensor interface signal interface", which was led by Hefei Institute of material sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have been approved and officially released by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration Committee

as one of the basic standards of the national IOT, the signal interface standard specifies the signal type, electrical parameters and expression format of the signal interface between the sensor and the sensor node, aiming to facilitate the system integration between the sensor and the sensor node and realize software reuse

IOT plays a key role in the construction of smart cities, and sensors are the nerve endings of IOT. In the face of the great development of smart cities with great momentum, the dilemma of the lagging development of key basic components of sensors in China is more prominent

IOT has become the focus of national innovation strategy.

smart city is a new concept and model that uses IOT, cloud computing, big data, spatial geographic information integration and other new generation information technologies to promote the intellectualization of urban planning, construction, management and services. Earlier this year, with the consent of the State Council, eight ministries and commissions, including the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of science and technology, issued the guiding opinions on promoting the healthy development of smart cities. The guiding opinions not only put forward the definition of smart city, but also put forward specific requirements for accelerating the application of IOT in key areas in order to promote the construction of smart city

the guiding opinions put forward in the active application of new technologies and new business forms to speed up the application of IOT in key areas. Support the application of IOT in high energy consuming industries, and promote the intellectualization of production and manufacturing, operation and management, and energy utilization. Encourage the application of IOT in the production and circulation of agricultural products and other fields. Accelerate the promotion and application of IOT in urban management, transportation, energy conservation and emission reduction, food and drug safety, social security, medical and health care, livelihood services, public safety, product quality and other fields, improve the refinement level of urban management, and gradually form a comprehensive, widely interconnected urban intelligent management and service system

Maoweiming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out at the second International (Hangzhou) IOT and sensing technology and application summit forum that IOT is a highly integrated and comprehensive application of the new generation of information technology, with a huge market and industrial space. Vigorously promoting the progress of sensing technology and accelerating the development of IOT are important measures to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, accelerate structural adjustment and change the mode of development, and also a strategic choice to enhance national competitiveness and promote national economic transformation at a high starting point

Hong Jingyi, director of the first Institute of electronics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that on the basis of the stabilization of the current international economic recovery, IOT has become an important means for countries around the world to get rid of the financial crisis, achieve economic recovery and occupy the commanding heights of global competition. Developed countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea regard IOT as an important field for future development and seek to occupy a favorable position in the fierce international competition in the future

an important part of integrating the physical world and the information world

IOT is characterized by allowing objects to speak and release information through perception and recognition technology. It is an important part of integrating the physical world and the information world, and it is also the most unique part of IOT that distinguishes it from other networks. At present, the United States has raised IOT as one of the priorities of the national innovation strategy. The European Union has formulated a 14 point action plan to promote the development of IOT. Japan plans to take IOT as one of the four key strategic areas, and South Korea takes IOT as one of the three infrastructure priorities. You Zheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Tsinghua University, said

it is reported that in 2013, when I applied my force, I could rebound more energy. The scale of China IOT industry exceeded 500 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 30%, and has a good industrial foundation and development prospects. The technical strength of sensors, radio frequency identification (RFID), communication protocols, network management, intelligent computing, collaborative processing and other fields has been continuously improved, and some scientific research achievements have reached the world leading level. All regions and relevant departments have actively promoted the application of IOT in relevant fields, carried out a series of application pilot and demonstration projects, and achieved positive results

however, Mao Weiming believes that as an emerging industry, the development of IOT industry is still in its infancy on the whole, and its innovation ability urgently needs to be improved. The lack of leading backbone enterprises and insufficient large-scale applications have become key factors restricting industrial development

therefore, he stressed that the development of IOT industry is a systematic project, which requires extensive participation and strong support from all aspects, including government, enterprises and scientific research institutions

the lagging development of sensors is the main obstacle of IOT

the guiding opinions proposed in the scientific formulation of the top-level design of smart city construction to promote the construction of a livable living environment. Establish intelligent analysis system of environmental information, early warning and emergency system and public service system of environmental quality management, implement intelligent remote monitoring of key areas, key enterprises and pollution sources, and establish a modern industrial development system. Using modern information means, accelerate the establishment of urban logistics distribution system and the close relationship between urban consumption demand and agricultural product supply. According to the characteristics that can be completed, the spring testing machine is classified as follows: the new agricultural production and management system

the Institute of Electronic Science and technology information of the Ministry of industry and information technology released the white paper on the development of China's sensor industry (2014) on the forum. According to the white paper, the fastest growing sensor market in the world is the automotive market; In addition to intelligent applications in the field of transportation, sensors in China are also used in production process control and safety production in the field of intelligent industry; Fine management and traceability of agricultural product quality and safety in the field of intelligent agriculture; Intelligent environmental protection pollution source monitoring and water source protection; Smart medicine is widely used in special crowd care, telemedicine, and intelligent wearable devices

Mao Weiming said that as the core of IOT technology, sensing technology is the key to obtain and process information, and its development level is an important symbol to measure the degree of informatization of a country

the core technologies of IOT mainly include information sensing and acquisition technology, network construction technology and service management technology. You Zheng said that as an important component of the most basic application layer and knowledge layer of IOT, sensors play an important role in IOT and are an important prerequisite for the establishment of IOT. However, at present, the development of key basic components of sensors in China lags behind, and the core sensor components are controlled by others, which has become the main obstacle to the development of IOT in China

the white paper points out that the global sensor market in 2013 was about 105.5 billion US dollars. It is predicted that the global sensor market will maintain a growth rate of more than 20% in the next few years, and the market size will exceed US $150billion in 2015. China's domestic sensor market continues to grow rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, and more than 64 billion yuan in 2013

however, from the overall situation of the world, a few developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany account for more than 70% of the sensor market share; The technology and brand advantages of developed countries in the field of sensors will remain in the next few years. At present, with the support of national policies, China's sensor industry has formed a complete industrial system from technology research and development, design, production to application. There are a total of 10 categories, 42 sub categories, and more than 6000 sensor products. Medium and low-grade products basically meet the market demand, and the product variety satisfaction rate is 60% and 70%. However, from the perspective of industry product structure, the proportion of old products exceeds 60%, and new products are obviously insufficient, including high-tech products; At the same time, there is a serious lack of digital, intelligent and miniaturized products

the white paper also points out that the main problems faced by the development of the domestic sensor industry are: first, the scale of enterprises is small, and high-end products are heavily dependent on imports, of which the import of sensor chips accounts for as much as 90%; Second, the overall technical level is low. Many enterprises quote foreign originals for processing, which makes independent innovation difficult; Third, the product structure is unreasonable, and the variety, specification and series are incomplete; Fourth, the industrialization level is low and the industrial supporting facilities are insufficient

improve the core technology of sensors and IOT

how to promote the development of IOT and sensor industry

Mao Weiming stressed that we should strengthen planning guidance and policy guidance, organize and implement the special action plan for the development of IOT, continue to implement the 12th Five year development plan of IOT, and orderly promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's IOT; Promote the construction of national sensor Innovation Demonstration Zone, and form a pattern in which all regions and links give full play to their advantages, divide work and cooperate, and cooperate through the implementation and promotion of the project; Strengthen core technology research and standard formulation, focus on the key links of IOT industrial chain, concentrate resources to break through core technologies and major key common technologies, speed up the construction of IOT standard system, and actively participate in the formulation of international standards; Actively guide industry demonstration applications, select a number of key areas, plan and deploy IOT applications and perception infrastructure construction, and explore innovative business models and institutional mechanisms; Further coordinate, implement and improve policies and measures, and strengthen the coordination, interaction, connection and cooperation of industrial policies, science and technology policies, fiscal and tax policies, financial policies, land policies, talent policies, etc

you Zheng said that we should also combine key breakthroughs with overall improvement; Introduce support policies to support the high-end development of large and medium-sized enterprises and focus on solving the problems of private small and medium-sized enterprises; Formulate fiscal, procurement, distribution and other policies that tend to independent research and development

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