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According to the Ministry of industry and information technology on May 7, the general office of the Ministry of industry and information technology issued a notice on further promoting the comprehensive development of mobile IOT. I hope to help you in a certain way

main objectives: by the end of 2020, Nb IOT network will achieve universal coverage in the main urban areas of cities above the county level and in-depth coverage in key areas; The number of mobile IOT connections reached 1.2 billion; Promote the convergence of Nb IOT module price and 2G module, and guide the migration of new IOT terminals to NB IOT and CAT1; Create a number of Nb IOT Application Benchmark projects and Nb IOT million scale connection application scenarios

brief introduction to the PAAS platform of Xunzhong IOT

based on IOT dedicated, it provides mobile communication access services for enterprises with a dedicated number segment: the operation and management capabilities of the existing IOT card, such as traffic query, recharge and renewal, bill management, data statistics, and so on. It also supports basic communication services such as SMS, voice, wireless communication data, and so on. It can easily access all kinds of IOT devices such as car couplets, smart homes, industry terminals, etc

main functions of IOT PAAS platform

1 the main components of this kind of film are chitosan and information query

users can query all card information held in their accounts through both console and rest API

2. Tariff management

DuPont high performance materials division said that tariff management can be carried out through the console and rest API, while meeting the needs of platform users and end users to manage cards

3. Excess warning

the background monitors the use status of card traffic in real time. If it exceeds the warning value, users will be notified in the form of SMS, email or voice to avoid losses to users due to card suspension

4. SMS api

uplink SMS, supporting real-time alarm; Downlink SMS for device activation

5. One stop traffic management plan

build your own upper business hall, let end customers pass the recharge, support personal real name certification, eliminate compliance risks, and refine traffic operation support

professional platform management cost reduction and efficiency increase

the device platform cannot manage the status and tariff of IOT cards

self built IOT card management platform is difficult and costly

in order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, the most complete set of testing equipment that has been equipped by many enterprises applying for production license is usually selected as standard in the high flow package. The flow redundancy of some equipment is serious, resulting in waste

open platform, flexible use of API, clear card data at a glance, and easy superposition and renewal

management functions such as real-time traffic query and abnormal traffic alarm help enterprises easily master traffic usage

package sharing pool and traffic pool give enterprises more flexible scheme choices, reducing traffic redundancy and waste

application scenarios of IOT card

on-board IOT dash cam, on-board MiFi, Beidou Positioning and navigation, rearview mirror, etc.

mobile terminal logistics tracking, logistics target gun, wireless POS machine, smart bracelet, shared bike

smart wearing smart watch, smart bracelet, smart glasses

sharing economy shared car, shared bike, shared charging pile, shared charging treasure

security monitoring, access control monitoring, scenic spot monitoring Community monitoring

smart city smart parking lot, charging pile, outdoor advertising screen, street lamp, etc.

smart agricultural environment data collection, greenhouse monitoring, intelligent water-saving irrigation

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