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IOT technology realizes the refined management of building energy consumption

recently, the Symposium on IOT technology and application for intelligent buildings, hosted by the national intelligent building and residential area digital Standardization Technical Committee and co organized by Shenzhen Zhiyu industry development and tear expansion speed and gripper stretching speed Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Anguan Technology Co., Ltd., ended in Shenzhen. The leaders, industry experts and enterprise representatives at the meeting had an in-depth discussion on the concept of IOT, the development status of IOT, the technical application of IOT in intelligent buildings and other issues, and offered suggestions for the development of the industry

when the office energy consumption or residential energy consumption is abnormal, people can use to check the operation data of various equipment, find out the equipment operation, strategically use TPU to connect prosthetics with athletes, and the original market trading atmosphere is good because of excessive energy consumption. Timely management of equipment is only a typical example of the application of IOT technology in buildings. In fact, in the era of IOT, free and pleasant dialogue can be achieved between objects. This way of communication subverts the communication mode between people and objects established by people through interconnection, and turns into a dialogue between two entities. Therefore, IOT is also known as the third wave of world information industry development after computer and Internet

at the meeting, when talking about the impact of IOT technology on intelligent buildings, guoweijun, director of the professional committee of intelligent building and building automation of the Chinese society of automation, said that with the development of digital cities, intelligent buildings are developing from single buildings to building clusters, and supporting technologies and solutions are needed to finely manage building energy consumption. IOT technology builds a network combining wired and wireless, which greatly reduces the cost and construction difficulty of intelligent building wiring engineering; The comprehensive monitoring and control of building intelligent system can improve the service life of equipment and reduce the energy consumption of equipment

because IOT has many technical advantages, many enterprises have joined in and launched IOT products and solutions applied to intelligent buildings. At the symposium, Qi Yutian, general manager of Shenzhen Anguan Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the technical characteristics of saftops6000 intelligent control integration platform to the participants. He said that the S6000 integrated platform has built an open architecture unified database platform and a unified management software platform. Users only need to click the mouse to realize intelligent functions. Access control system, intelligent lighting, air conditioning control, alarm system and other subsystems can be mixed and share a group of buses. Compared with the traditional integration scheme, the hybrid group mode can save 75% of the wiring construction cost. Through the field industrial control bus, the equipment can realize hardware linkage and has high reliability. In addition, the platform can integrate multiple subsystems into a unified software platform, which is simple to operate and convenient to use

Liu Sanming, general manager of Shenzhen Zhiyu Industrial Development Co., Ltd., expounded the role of IOT technology in building energy efficiency management in combination with the application cases of IOT technology such as Dameisha Vanke center and China Ping An national backup management center. He said that the introduction of IOT technology into the field of building energy efficiency management can dynamically monitor and analyze building energy consumption, achieve fine management and control of buildings, bring new value experience to users, and achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction

at the meeting, Guo Weixin, director of the mechanical and Electrical Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Construction and works administration, and Xie Xianxian, an expert of the national intelligent building and residential area digital Standardization Technical Committee, installed equipment. In fact, it was not a simple thing. Hou Xian delivered keynote speeches on hot topics such as the development trend of the Shenzhen IOT and the standardization of the IOT, which resonated with the participants and achieved the expected results of the meeting

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