The hottest Internet of things makes food safer

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IOT makes food safer

as we all know, China's food has changed from a long-term supply shortage to a structural relative surplus stage, from mainly solving the safety problem of total food supply and demand to mainly solving the problem of food quality and safety. Since food goes through many links from farmland to table, such as production, processing, storage, transportation, sales and so on, there is the possibility of food contamination in every link of such a long industrial chain

with the rapid development of China's food industry, food safety problems have also been very prominent in recent years. According to the monitoring results of many food poisoning or diseases caused by the use of unsafe or contaminated food in recent years, the health department showed that from the perspective of food types, animal food was the main cause of food poisoning in China, among which meat and meat products caused the most food poisoning, accounting for 21.88%; The second is aquatic products, accounting for 10.11%. From the perspective of the whole process of food production, circulation and sales, the existing supervision mode of government law enforcement departments is far from being able to trace and monitor the whole process. Facts have proved that without modern information technology characterized by IOT, the traceability and monitoring of agricultural products and food can only be empty words. It is also characterized by the fact that the absolute error increases with the increase of load, that is to say, we must rely on the information sensing equipment and technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system, laser scanners and so on, which have been formed now, and have high working efficiency. By using these information exchange and communication technologies, we can establish a traceability mechanism through the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of the whole life cycle and the whole process of agricultural products and food

nowadays, the traceability of food safety has attracted extensive attention from the government and industry. Due to the good reputation and quality of this electromechanical in the testing equipment, most of them are still in words and documents, and few of them are really implemented, especially the network platform that combines IOT technology with food safety traceability is almost blank. It is gratifying that food safety IOT, the only comprehensive information service platform in China that integrates food safety traceability, IOT technology promotion and application, and industry solutions, hosted by Beijing Yitai Yilian Technology Co., Ltd., has made valuable exploration. On November 29, 2012, Longbao traceability mall, China's first traceable and safe food e-commerce platform relying on food safety IOT technology and influence, was officially launched in Beijing

Longbao traceability mall will integrate food enterprises and products across the country, so that consumers can make one-stop selection after entering the mall. Everything, whether fresh food or processed food, can be traced, and everything is directly supplied by the manufacturer. The purpose of Longbao traceability mall is to ensure safety, high quality and the lowest price. Longbao traceability mall's innovative business model is to allow consumers to trace the source before buying food, so as to truly rest assured of food safety

the products on Longbao traceability mall are currently divided into six categories: organic food, green food, pollution-free food, health food, functional food and imported food, and each product can be traced. Compared with other domestic food shopping stations, this platform has the following characteristics:

one stop service relies on the food safety traceability system to help consumers buy the safe food they need most at the first time

the platform to protect the rights of consumers has formulated provisions on rights protection, return and refund, reporting and so on. When consumers encounter quality problems of goods and business service problems, they can report to the mall at the first time. Consumers can also report to the relevant departments if they find any illegal operations in the mall. The mall firmly supports the reasonable opinions and complaints of consumers

strictly control the qualification of merchants to settle in Longbao traceability mall. All settled businesses must be strictly screened. All settled enterprises must be brand enterprises or large-scale enterprises. Enterprise products can be traced and queried in the corresponding traceability system. Enterprises must pass five major certifications (QS certification, product certification, food safety traceability assurance, enterprise integrity certification, food quality or food safety management system certification) to open stores in Longbao traceability mall. Longbao traceability mall will provide a reassuring, transparent and safe trading platform for businesses and consumers, and a powerful channel for honest enterprises to display their products, promote and use their own brands widely, and expand product sales

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