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IOT Standardization Forum was held in Wuxi

on March 18, the fifth full plan of the international sensor (IOT) standards working group hosted by the international organization for standardization will be held in Wuxi for the new needs of Dongguan manufacturing industry and the international sensor Standardization Forum, which is also the first summit meeting held in China after the formal establishment of the working group. More than 100 experts and official representatives from 67 ~ 93hr15t China, the United States, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Finland and other countries and relevant international standards organizations made authoritative reports on the progress of international sensor standardization, cutting-edge technology and industrial development. At the meeting, Liu Haitao, President of Wuxi IOT Industry Research Institute, first proposed the theory of perceptual society, which was highly affirmed by the experts attending the meeting because of its outstanding contribution to solving the bottleneck of the scale industrialization of IOT

the seventh working group directly under the first joint technical committee of the international organization for standardization, the International Electrotechnical Federation, is an authoritative institution specializing in the formulation of standards in the field of IOT. The Chinese member body, dominated by Wuxi IOT Industrial Research Institute, is one of the four sponsors to promote the establishment of the organization. Among the three international standards being formulated by the organization at present, Wuxi IOT industry research institute takes the lead in one and undertakes the combination of the other two. According to insiders, it can be said that more than half of the international standards in the field of IOT are formulated by Wuxi

on the forum, the IOT perception society theory, which was first introduced, was recognized by experts as the first complete theoretical system of IOT in the world. It is reported that after the expiration of the lease, since 1999, the IOT has kept the instrument clean, the parts and accessories are complete, and the safety research team Liu Haitao has promoted along the independent innovation route with perception as the core. The general idea of IOT, such as the three-tier sensing architecture, common platform + application subset, which was first proposed by him, has been adopted by international standards. Experts from the international organization for standardization said that as the basic theoretical system of IOT, the theory of perceived society is the theoretical basis for the construction of IOT common platform, and also the basis for the realization of common platform + application subset industrial system, which has solved the bottleneck of the contradiction between IOT scale industrialization and diversified application scenarios

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