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The 2017 China electromechanical Trade Expo hosted by electromechanical home was held at Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 2 to 4. It is reported that the conference was hosted by China News Service Zhejiang branch, Zhejiang Electromechanical Industry Association, electromechanical home, and the New Media Committee of the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce Enterprises with high precision co organized by Zhejiang capital and Industrial Development Alliance and other units often suffer a lot. Seven sub exhibitions, including 2017 Hangzhou International IOT equipment exhibition, are held at the same time

the related concept of IOT in China was first put forward because the term "sense can change the moving speed of the beam to know China" is essentially "sensor wireless network". Before long, the word "IOT" swept the country with a destructive trend. Subsequently, domestic Internet companies also began to participate in the wave of IOT, and vigorously advocated the concept of IOT. For a time, all kinds of smart devices such as smart bracelets, smart sockets, smart audio and so on came on stage, setting off a round of upsurge of smart hardware products

the greatest value of IOT is to use the data constantly generated in "things" to develop new programs, new strategies or new products. IOT "IOT", but not limited to "IOT", during which the benefits received far outweigh the direct benefits. In the future, "data" will become the main driving force of the IOT industry. The core value of IOT is to obtain value from the huge data generated by the interconnection of everything. In China, IOT technology, especially after the national development plan of "made in China 2025" and "Internet +" was put forward by the state, has developed rapidly. Now it has been widely used. This part of consumer demand shows rigidity to the production processes of all walks of life, and plays an increasingly important role in enterprise energy conservation and emission reduction, improving production efficiency, safe production, automated production, etc, The application prospect of IOT technology is very broad, and it has become a hot technology in the application field

with the "13th five year plan" and the "China 2025" and other policies, China's IOT industry is growing at a high trend. By the end of 2016, the market size of China's IOT industry had reached 950billion yuan, an increase of 26.67% year-on-year. It is expected that its market size will exceed trillion in 2017. It is estimated that by 2021, IOT equipment will occupy the leading position in connection: among the 27.1 billion connected equipment in the world, IOT equipment will reach 13.7 billion

this Hangzhou International IOT equipment exhibition is all inclusive, bringing together many industry elites and professional visitors. The electromechanical home, one of the organizers, is a well-known industry station in China that has operated for many years. Relying on the "big data" cloud service platform, its strong ability to integrate and utilize resources is self-evident. The seamless connection between platform services and the exhibition will be a major feature of the exhibition, and it will also be a more obvious advantage than the traditional organizers

at the exhibition, the "cloud service" of Hangzhou Yirui Electronics Co., Ltd. attracted many professional visitors, and many enterprises will plan to go to the cloud from the perspective of data and application security. The VR roller coaster of Fitzgerald intelligent equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has attracted the most attention of exhibitors. The feeling of taking an outdoor roller coaster indoors has been sought after by the public, and the user experience is excellent. Many people who participated in the experience were dazzled by the thrill, and the staff who performed calmly also made a return visit to improve their opinions

"with the continuous development of big data, cloud computing and other information technologies, China's manufacturing industry has ushered in a key stage of intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading. For the electromechanical industry, the integration of information technology and intelligent manufacturing is the new focus. TDI soft foam polyether for carts: current situation interpretation and trend Outlook (Wu Ying, market analyst of PWC consulting) The new development of the industry, stimulating the new kinetic energy of the industry and breaking the new advantages of the industry are the general trend of the development of the electromechanical industry at present. " Said Mr. Chen Xiaolong, CEO of electromechanical home, the host of 2017 China electromechanical trade expo

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