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IOT smart sales into life, can you sit idly by

information on July 22, 2014, it was extremely hot in summer. When I came home from work, although the temperature was several degrees higher than the previous day, the indoor was neither cold nor hot. It turned out that the air conditioner could sense the change of temperature. Open the refrigerator and drink a bottle of beer. The refrigerator can tell you how many bottles of beer are left, because the beer bottles are attached with RFID tags. The refrigerator can also tell the housewife what vegetables are stored in it, and provide recipes according to the ingredients, so delicious meals are brought to the table

this is an ordinary day in the future IOT world, and IOT will bring many conveniences to our lives. For example, sometimes the washing machine suddenly doesn't work when the clothes are half washed, which is very annoying, and you can't predict when the washing opportunity breaks down. Using IOT washing machine, the manufacturer can timely grasp the relevant data of the washing machine in use. Often before the failure, according to the customer's purchase time and the mastered data, we are also very excited for Filip 2 and its young customers. We timely inform customers of possible failures and measures to be taken, which improves the quality of after-sales service, the annual doubling of output and sales volume, and customer satisfaction

enterprises and companies also benefit from the connection of things. For example, when providing automobile insurance, the insurance company can provide insurance at different prices according to the brand, model, purchase time and use condition of the car purchased by the customer (such as using it every day at work or only on weekends). After the customer applies for insurance, the insurance company can master the use condition of the customer's automobile product once it meets the corresponding conditions, etc

IOT is the extension of interconnection, which is the interconnection of things. At that time, the speed of interconnection will be greatly improved; Time is everything. For enterprises, even a delay of 100 milliseconds may bring immeasurable losses

people are constantly trying to improve speed. Many stations use polling technology to realize real-time push. The browser sends an HTTP request to the server, and then the server returns data to the browser of the client. The browser needs to constantly send requests to the server, and the header of the request is very long, occupying a lot of bandwidth and server resources. Later, comet technology was adopted to reduce invalid network transmission, but the browser still needs to send a request to the server. At present, websocket protocol can realize full duplex communication between the browser and the server. As long as the browser and the server make a handshake action, it can ensure the normal use of the experimental machine and transmit data to each other, effectively reducing the delay and realizing real-time communication

maybe IOT will detonate a new round of Web revolution. Maybe websocket protocol is just the prelude to a new round of Web revolution. After the speed is greatly increased in the future, it can realize machine to machine, person to person, person to machine communication, always turn on and connect at any time

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