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In the first half of this year, affected by many adverse factors such as overcapacity in the industry and weak downstream demand, the overall performance of the PVC industry was poor, and the enterprises were in a difficult situation. However, the performance of PVC foreign trade market was eye-catching, and a number of data were significantly recovered and adjusted compared with the same period in previous years. However, insiders pointed out that with the increase of the 6th PVC plant in the United States and the operating rate of frame lubrication, it is expected that China's foreign trade in PVC will show a recovery growth in imports and a steady contraction in exports in the second half of the year

according to the statistics of China Chlor Alkali Industry Association, by the end of June, the domestic production capacity of PVC (ambiguous resin) was 23.92 million tons/year. In the first half of this year, the newly increased PVC production capacity was 860000 T/A, the output was 350000 T/A, and the net increase was 510000 T/A. all the output capacity was calcium carbide production units. The overall capacity expansion speed of the industry has slowed down significantly, but the trend of steady capacity growth continues

in the face of the continuous downturn of the domestic PVC market, the PVC industry regards developing the foreign trade market as an effective method. Thanks to the efforts of the whole industry, China's PVC foreign trade market in the first half of the year was eye-catching. In terms of import, due to the decrease in the supply of PVC exported from the United States and the rise in international ethylene prices, the competitiveness of foreign supply has weakened, and the import of pure PVC powder in China has shrunk significantly. According to the customs data, the import volume of pure PVC powder in China from January to May was 317000 tons, and it should be noted that the use standard of electronic universal testing machine decreased by 22.5%. Taiwan, China, the United States and Japan continue to rank among the top three sources of pure PVC powder imported from the mainland market. Among them, Taiwan's export supply to the mainland remained stable, and the cumulative export volume from January to may ranked first. Affected by the insufficient operation of local PVC plants, the export volume of U.S. sources of goods decreased, ranking second

in terms of export, the cumulative export volume of PVC in China from January to May increased by 152.4% compared with the same period last year. In terms of flow direction, the largest export consumption market is India; The number of goods exported to Russia slowed down, ranking second. The export volume of the above two regions accounts for more than half of the total export volume of PVC powder in China. The analysis shows that the reason why the export volume has increased greatly is that on the one hand, the domestic caustic soda and PVC markets are highly competitive, and the chlor alkali enterprises take the initiative to focus on the export market and vigorously develop the foreign trade market; On the other hand, in the first half of the year, the international market demand was acceptable, but the chlor alkali production units in some areas were overhauled or shut down for some reasons. Domestic enterprises have the opportunity to fill this gap. In addition, in previous years, China's foreign trade export market was depressed, and the export volume base was small, which was also one of the reasons for the substantial growth of exports this year

in terms of the current situation, the influencing factors of China's PVC foreign trade market in the second half of the year are still complex. On the one hand, with the increasing operating rate of PVC plants in the United States, the competition in the external market is bound to intensify. Affected by this, the import volume of PVC in China may increase. On the other hand, at present, the price of raw material ethylene is temporarily at a high level, and there is room for decline. However, the domestic PVC market price continues to rise, and the competitive advantage of external supply prices is slowly recovering, which will have an impact on China's PVC export market to a certain extent. By the end of June, the CIF price of Northeast Asia was mostly $1020/ton, while that of the United States was $990/ton

industry experts pointed out that the domestic PVC industry will face a difficult situation in 2013. Developing foreign trade and making full use of international and domestic resources and markets will effectively solve the outlet problem of China's PVC. In order to effectively cope with the complex and changeable international situation, domestic PVC enterprises should be both internal and external. Internally, actively research and develop new products to advance to the refined and high-end market; Externally, we should reasonably plan development goals, vigorously expand international markets, especially emerging markets such as India, and accelerate the internationalization of product markets

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