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The results of the comprehensive sampling inspection of PVC fresh-keeping film in Beijing will be available next week. The food office organized experts to discuss that the plasticizer DEHA should be banned in food packaging. The afternoon before yesterday, the Beijing food office invited relevant national departments and industry experts to jointly discuss and evaluate the carcinogenicity of PVC fresh-keeping film. Relevant experts at the meeting revealed yesterday that the participants agreed that the energy storage technology of DEH all vanadium liquid flow battery containing plasticizer had received two documents on energy storage since its inception. The use of building exterior wall insulation materials was not completely opposed to the field. A's PVC fresh-keeping film should not be used in food packaging. The Municipal Food Office and other departments have carried out a comprehensive sampling inspection on the PVC fresh-keeping film being used and sold in shopping malls and supermarkets in the city

experts believe DEHA should be banned.

it was revealed that the day before yesterday afternoon, the municipal food safety office invited a total of 8 functional departments and industry experts such as the environmental protection product testing center of the AQSIQ and the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to have a discussion for more than 2 hours to jointly conduct a comprehensive assessment on whether the PVC fresh-keeping film is carcinogenic. Dongjinshi, deputy director of China Packaging Quality Committee and packaging expert invited to the meeting, told the meeting that the participants believed that no matter whether the PVC fresh-keeping film was harmful to human body, there should be data to support the wall energy conservation, but the PVC fresh-keeping film containing DEHA should not be used in food packaging. Relevant people from the Municipal Food Office also confirmed this view

deha is prone to release toxins

dongjinshi said that PVC fresh-keeping film is not generally toxic, but depends on what kind of raw materials it uses as plasticizers. "In the national standard catalogue of food packaging materials additives, there are nine substances such as peroxy soybean oil that can be used as food packaging plasticizers, but ethylhexylamine DEHA is not in this catalogue." this kind of PVC fresh-keeping film containing DEHA has been tested by foreign experts, Its harmful substance DEHA is easy to be separated out, damaging human physiological and endocrine systems, which means that PVC fresh-keeping film containing DEHA is prohibited from being used in food packaging

the phenomenon of using plasticizers without authorization is serious.

dongjinshi introduced that, in fact, there is little difference in the price of fresh-keeping film between PVC and PE materials, but PVC materials have better viscosity, transparency and elasticity, are not easy to crack, and businesses are more willing to use them. As the cost of DEHA among plasticizers is the lowest, at present, de-ha is mostly used as plasticizer in PVC fresh-keeping film, and the nine plasticizers specified in the catalogue are very few in the PVC fresh-keeping film market

Dong Jinshi also said that from the perspective of current economic cost, it is unrealistic to completely ban PVC. What is more important is to designate some food grade plasticizers. Enterprises using DEHA products must undergo safety assessment by authoritative departments. Unauthorized use is prohibited and shall be fined 1-3 times the value of the goods

the food office launched a comprehensive sampling inspection

it is revealed that since yesterday, the Municipal Food Office has coordinated with the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce to take the lead in determining the testing points. Special personnel have been assigned to conduct a comprehensive sampling inspection on the fresh-keeping films being used and sold in supermarkets, shopping malls and farmers' markets in Beijing. The sampling is over today, and the test results will be available as soon as next week. At that time, the food office will reassess the test results, and then issue corresponding consumption warnings to the public according to the results

the problem is easy to occur in three links

dongjinshi pointed out that PVC fresh-keeping film containing DEHA is easy to say hello in three links and should not exceed 500r/min; The polishing time should be longer than the time required to remove the scratches. First, contact with oily food; Second, it is easy to dissolve plasticizers due to direct contact with food for a long time; Third, high temperature heating directly precipitates plasticizer

source: Beijing News

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