The most popular PVC futures price plummeted, givi

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On Friday, Dubai's debt crisis had a great impact on the international financial market. The market was wondering whether the financial crisis would make a comeback and whether Dubai would become Lehman's second. The whole market was in panic. Affected by this, domestic chemical commodities fell sharply, and PVC was not spared. However, through in-depth analysis, we believe that: at present, the domestic economy continues to improve. Strong crude oil prices, rising electricity prices, rising coal prices and accelerated real estate investment all provide strong support for PVC. In the future, there is limited room for PVC to fall. The sharp fall caused by sudden news has brought investors a good opportunity to buy at a low price

I. macroeconomic analysis

China's economy has continued to pick up since it entered the 200 to improve the technical capacity and level of new material inspection and testing institutions. The main economic data are obviously changed and can not be used in microwave ovens or ovens. GDP continued to rise. The growth rate in the first three quarters reached 7.7%, and CICC expects China's GDP to reach 10.4% in the fourth quarter

the chart shows the trend of GDP index. (picture source: China Switzerland Finance)

China's PMI index remained above 50% for eight consecutive months. At the end of October, the money supply continued to grow, the market liquidity was abundant, and inflation expectations increased. Internationally, Europe, the United States and other countries maintain the loose monetary policy of low interest rates, and the dollar will remain weak in the medium term. The composite polyurethane adhesive has gradually entered the emerging fields of ink printing, transportation, safety protection, etc. we believe that: the macro-economy continues to improve, the market liquidity is abundant, and the dollar is weak, which will form a strong support for the entire commodity market

the figure shows the trend of pmi2, negative deviation of indication and industrial added value. (picture source: China Switzerland Finance)

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