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Faraday future CEO: the company has the best electrified transmission system in the industry

according to foreign media reports, a group of executives who used to be responsible for BMW electric vehicle projects have played a leading role in other electric vehicle start-ups. Bifukang, who once led the development of BMW I8 plug-in hybrid vehicle, has emerged in the electric vehicle industry

two months ago, he became the future CEO of Faraday, and previously worked in byton for a period of time. On November 19 local time, Bifukang revealed the latest status of Faraday to the public at the Los Angeles Auto Show

he pointed out that Faraday was facing two obstacles in the future. First of all, people lack trust in the company's plan implementation ability, and the founder Jia Yueting's future leadership of Faraday has also aroused doubts from the outside world

Bifukang said that this problem has been solved. After taking over as CEO, he introduced a new overall solution of leading insqin brand, which means that there is a broad possibility to lead the team in enhancing and changing the characteristics of fabrics. At the same time, Jia Yueting applied for bankruptcy in October this year in combination with the actual situation of construction, separated his personal finance from Faraday's future, and resigned as CEO

Jia Yueting will focus on the connectivity and user experience of Faraday cars in the future. The car has nearly 12 screens in the cabin, just like people's "third living space". At present, the main source of vanadium is magnetite from South Africa, China, Russia, New Zealand and Australia

Bifukang tried to distinguish Faraday's future from those competitors who hyped in the media

he pointed out that unlike other competitors, investment in technology is a "priority" in Faraday's future, but people outside the company are unaware of it. Up to now, Faraday's total technology investment in the future is close to US $2billion

Bifukang made a high-profile statement: "In order to provide customers with a new travel experience, you need two technologies, namely, electric drive and the use of electrified powertrain. Faraday's future research and development object is the most advanced and excellent electrified transmission system in the industry.

I'm not just talking about start-ups. You can compare our products with Audi, even BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. In terms of power density, battery life technology, and the most In terms of advanced technology, Faraday is the best in the industry in the future

for building an interconnected car, if you want to create a specific interconnected living space, you need cars to realize interconnection and high-speed communication with each other. You need a screen, an operating system, and a digital ecosystem

all these are inventions of Faraday in the future, which have been reflected in our products and are feasible. The current problem is how much money needs to be raised? "

Bifukang is currently in a "financing mode". He pointed out that the investment community knows that the automotive industry will transform into a travel service provider, while "traditional automakers will not do so."

it does sound like what a CEO in the "financing mode" would say, but Faraday's future performance has been relatively poor so far, and the outside world is still skeptical of all this

Faraday does have a great engineering team in the future. They seem to have developed some interesting electric drive system technologies, such as power inverter, but that was three years ago, and most of the original engineers have left the company

although this does not mean that their efforts can no longer play a role, in the past three years, the competitors have been moving forward, while Faraday's future is plagued by controversy and lack of funds

it is pointed out that Faraday is not unable to reverse the situation in the future. The board of directors of the company still seems to have a group of excellent talents, but Faraday must prove its strength again with substantive products in the future, and then issue a high-profile declaration

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