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Faro platinum arm platinum measuring arm application of Dongfeng commercial vehicle body

Dongfeng commercial vehicle company is a medium and heavy commercial vehicle business department under the jurisdiction of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. in the process of experiment. The company is headquartered in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, and its main business is "Dongfeng" brand medium and heavy cargo vehicles, special vehicles, buses, bus chassis and engines, cabs Production and sales of frame and other assembly parts and casting and forging blanks


Dongfeng commercial vehicle body factory, as the name suggests, is mainly engaged in the processing and assembly of vehicle shapes. Faru measuring arm is mainly responsible for measuring the cab and body of vehicles in Dongfeng commercial workshop. The size of the car cab is generally 1.5m * 1.5m, especially the cab of commercial vehicles, which is not only large in size, but also higher from the ground, and often needs to climb up and down. In the past, traditional manual measuring tools were used for measurement, and at least two or more quality inspection personnel could complete the dimensional measurement of the basic shape only by cooperating. If the quality inspection personnel were moving, the original positioning point would be slightly offset, and the measurement result would deviate greatly, it would be necessary to re measure. Each repeated measurement is time-consuming and laborious, and sometimes the measurement result deviation is large, which has a great impact on the final measurement result

Dong Hong, the testing engineer, recalled her previous testing experience. When measuring a project, one person cannot complete it, and the coordinates of many points cannot be measured, and many dimensions cannot be calculated, resulting in a high product scrap rate, time-consuming and laborious, and the measurement results are not ideal. In order to improve productivity and ensure production quality, the company decided to invest human and financial resources and increase advanced measuring equipment

since the Faro measuring arm arrived at Dongfeng commercial vehicle factory, it has basically worked with quality inspectors every day. Now the whole detection process can be completed by one person, and the detection speed is fast, the software is culturally literate, and the operation during "1035" is very convenient, easy to learn and use, which greatly improves the product quality assurance. Quality inspectors are particularly keen on the surface point measurement in Faro CAM2 software. As long as the measurement data is input, many values will be automatically calculated, which is no longer like the previous chip set signal amplification, It takes a long time to get it through tedious calculation formula. If there is an error in the intermediate link, it needs to be recalculated completely, which is a headache


faro measuring arm brings a lot of benefits to Dongfeng commercial vehicle factory. In terms of cost, it reduces the product scrap rate; Get the trust of old customers; Win new customers for the company; In terms of time, it greatly saves the time of measuring the "1035" period, and generally helps to improve the production efficiency; Technically, the data that could not be measured accurately before can be easily obtained. In order to improve the working ability and level, Dongfeng commercial continues to add Faro laser tracker, which is handy for the measurement of large parts and provides space for the greater development of products. (end)

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