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Fashion nylon landing yarn exhibition

at the 9th China International Textile yarn (spring and summer) exhibition, the "oil viscosity reduction, colorful life, fashion nylon" jointly created by some Chinese enterprises in the study of the "two-step" production process, the nylon Professional Committee of the chemical fiber industry Association, and the textile chemical fiber product development center, made its debut. 16 nylon enterprises showed their differentiated, functional and fashionable nylon products. Exhibitors include: Guangdong Xinhui Meida nylon Co., Ltd., Liaoning Yinzhu Chemical Textile Group Co., Ltd., Yiwu Huading nylon Co., Ltd., ④ remove all the pendulum, changleliheng nylon Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Jinjiang Technology Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Tianyu chemical fiber manufacturing industry Co., Ltd., Yuxin Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang jinshida Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Wujiang Asia Pacific Chemical Textile Co., Ltd Hai'an Industrial Cluster (including 7 enterprises such as Jiangsu Wenfeng Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.). The special decoration exhibition area of nearly 120 square meters focuses on the product innovation achievements of the nylon industry and the transformation of enterprise R & D and business philosophy and style. Functional high-molecular materials and devices enhance the recognition and influence of the nylon fiber brand with a distinctive visual experience

a special technical exchange session for nylon enterprises was also held on the same day. According to Deng Jun, Secretary General of the nylon Professional Committee of the China Chemical Fiber Association, the application scope of nylon series products includes socks, lace underwear, sportswear, assault suits, outdoor tents, sleeping bags, and mountaineering bags. He believes that the basic feature of fashion products is to provide consumers with medium and high-end consumer goods that reflect the popular aesthetic taste and consumption concept, and nylon products just have this feature, which belongs to fashion products. He proposed that the next priority of the nylon professional committee is to work together with industrial chain enterprises to jointly build the nylon fashion industry

the theme of the report of Guangdong Xinhui Meida nylon Co., Ltd. is "creating the beauty of the world with sincere love", which introduces the development and application of functional nylon fibers and fabrics. Liaoning Yinzhu chemical textile group company introduced the performance, characteristics and specific application of nylon 66 fiber, an important variety of nylon. The theme of the report of Changle Liheng nylon Technology Co., Ltd. is "create a better life with technological nylon", which introduces the relevant situation of nylon civil fiber and Liheng's plan to enter the upstream raw material industry in the future. The theme of the report of Yiwu Huading nylon Co., Ltd. is "differentiated nylon leading the fashion trend", which introduces the research results and R & D direction of differentiated nylon fiber of Huading nylon. Fujian Jinjiang Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the application innovation and fashion innovation of nylon fiber products from the technical level

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