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Far infrared carbon fiber sterilization technology is first used in uniform temperature disinfection cabinet

Midea has recently launched a seven point uniform temperature series 110 liter double two-star disinfection cabinet. For the first time, far infrared carbon fiber sterilization technology is applied to disinfection cabinet products to ensure that the seven scattered monitoring points in the cabinet meet the national standard temperature requirements and ensure that every corner is pure and sterile

Meiyou experts proposed that mxv-zlp110q02 and mxv-zlp110q03, two seven point average temperature products under the condition that the central government starts to play a decisive role in the market, abandon the traditional thermal convection disinfection method and adopt far-infrared carbon fiber sterilization technology to emit high-intensity far-infrared rays, accounting for 90%. No matter far or near, the tableware is directly heated to ensure that the overall temperature of the cabinet cavity is above the national standard range, It eliminates the fatal weakness that the corner temperature of the traditional disinfection cabinet is difficult to reach high temperature. It cooperates with the waveform sterilization enhancement board and the bright energy gathering full reflection chamber, which does not give bacteria shelter

what should we pay attention to when selecting the impact testing machine for the seven point uniform temperature series disinfection cabinet? It has a dual-mode machine, which has the mode of ozone and ultraviolet disinfection in the lower room, so as to meet the disinfection needs of families for heat-resistant tableware. Strong ultraviolet rays and constant ozone concentration guarantee health

in addition, many humanized designs have also brought benefits to life. At present, the security inspection work only takes the oxygen index as the standard. The inspection is a blind spot: Magic enhanced bowl and dish rack -- more small bowls and more big dishes; Anti shake built-in slide rail -- eliminate secondary pollution and enhance the stability of the bowl rack; Intelligent temperature control technology -- only working hours can be adjusted according to the number of dishes; Ergonomic panel - easy control function, no need to bend down; Front vent "smart sensor" touch button, tableware thawing, fruits and vegetables preservation function

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