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Far east holding group received a large cable order of 100 million yuan for railway construction

recently, good news from far east holding group frequently spread: in the bidding for the new Wuhan Guangzhou passenger dedicated railway project, Far East Cable Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, received an order of more than 0 million yuan for the mechanical force testing machine used for 70 bending and other mechanical performance tests, and Jiangsu new Far East Cable Co., Ltd. received an order of more than 30 million yuan; In addition, in the electrification reconstruction project of Beijing Kowloon Railway, Far East Cable Co., Ltd. obtained a cable order of more than 20 million yuan for the Jiangxi Section of the project to avoid the occurrence of melt fracture. Far East has won the bid frequently in major railway construction projects, which fully reflects the customers' trust in Far East product quality and service

Far East holding group is a leading enterprise in China's wire and cable industry, and its cable business has ranked first in the country for 10 consecutive years. The "Far East" trademark was rated as a well-known trademark in China, and the Far East products obtained the "national quality exemption certificate", and were rated as "national user satisfaction products", "Chinese famous brand stiffness value C products" and "Chinese and foreign famous brand products". The company attaches great importance to the development and promotion of wires and cables for rail transit. The DC 1500V traction cables, locomotive cables, rat proof, ant proof, water-resistant, low smoke, halogen-free, large section medium and high voltage cross-linked power cables and other products developed by the company have a good reputation in the field of railway transportation. They are widely used in new railways and railway electrification reconstruction projects, and have been successively applied to Beijing Metro Corporation, Beijing Railway Bureau In the railway construction or reconstruction projects of Nanjing Railway Bureau, Hohhot Railway Group, China Railway Electrification Bureau, etc., the operation is stable and has been highly praised by users. Among them, Far East won about 200million orders in the construction and reconstruction projects of Beijing metro lines 1, 9, 10, 11 and 3, and also won the bid in the first phase of the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway Shanghai Railway Bureau project

railway construction has always been the focus of national infrastructure construction. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, the State Council formulated ten measures to further expand domestic demand and promote economic growth as a supplier of glass fiber. Among them, the construction of major infrastructure such as railways, highways and airports accounted for the largest proportion of investment. The railway will focus on the construction of a number of passenger dedicated lines, coal transportation channel projects and Western trunk railways. The Ministry of Railways said that China's railway construction is facing a period of rapid development, and the state will continue to increase investment in railway construction. In the future, the total annual investment scale should reach 500billion yuan, and by 2020, the total railway investment will reach 5trillion yuan. Such a grand railway construction project will bring infinite business opportunities to four categories of cables, namely, power, communication, signal, optical fiber and optical cable. Far east holding group will also strengthen the development of wires and cables for rail transit, and provide inexhaustible power for China's railway construction with high-quality products and excellent services. (jirongkang)

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