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Farninger XPS extruded plate

farninger extruded thermal insulation plate is a light plate (XPS) made of polystyrene as the main raw material and by high-temperature mixing and extrusion molding method

the product has a continuous closed cell honeycomb structure, and the interconnection wall between each micropore has the same thickness. The special molecular structure makes the product have excellent thermal insulation performance, high moisture resistance, extremely low water absorption, good sound insulation performance, high compressive strength, good dimensional stability and creep resistance. The product has stable performance, light weight, convenient transportation and free cutting. It is an ideal energy-saving material

closed cell honeycomb structure

1), high resistance to water vapor penetration

the water absorption of farninger extruded thermal insulation board is about 10 times smaller than that of expanded polystyrene board. Only a small amount of water is absorbed in the initial stage, and it will no longer absorb water. Its water vapor permeability is times smaller than that of expanded polystyrene board. Therefore, farninger extruded thermal insulation board can not only prevent the invasion of rainwater, but also prevent the infiltration of moisture, avoiding the accumulation of water due to condensation and the expansion and cracking due to thawing

2). Superior thermal insulation performance

the chart shows the retention rate of thermal resistance of various thermal insulation materials at 70% relative humidity. Clearly show farninger? Extruded insulation board is superior to other insulation materials

its thermal insulation performance changes little with time, and it can still maintain more than 80% after decades of use

3). Good sound insulation and noise reduction performance

the unique sound insulation and noise reduction performance of faninger extruded thermal insulation board, which can be applied to the room partition of hotels and entertainment places to reduce external interference. It has particular advantages in home decoration and engineering decoration

4), high compressive strength

the compressive strength of farninger extruded thermal insulation board has various models ranging from 150kPa to 600kpa, which can meet various load requirements. Such as: square ground, roof parking lot, roof court, roof garden and platform, cold storage ground under long-term load, highway and railway foundation, etc

4. Product picture

5. Application field

1). Inverted roof insulation system

inverted roof is to place the waterproof layer under the insulation layer, so that the waterproof layer can be fully protected. It can directly carry out a/d conversion without amplification, so that the range of temperature change on the surface of the waterproof layer can be significantly reduced, so as to avoid the damage of the waterproof layer caused by temperature change, and at the same time, the waterproof layer can be protected from ultraviolet radiation, The damage caused by external or man-made impact provides a good waterproof and thermal insulation function for the building. The inverted roof does not need to add exhaust holes, which makes the construction simple and is not affected by the climate. It is the most ideal roof insulation system at present. Extruded boards can also be used to renovate the roofs of old buildings

2). Steel roof insulation system

using farninger extruded thermal insulation board in steel structure roof or wall can not only specify the friction coefficient as a value in this standard to enhance the durability of insulation and avoid condensation and condensation, but also enhance the firmness of the structure and the function of sound insulation and noise reduction. In terms of cost performance, it is more economical and applicable than other materials

3). Wall insulation system

the energy loss of building envelope generally occurs in the roof, doors and windows, walls, vents, floors and other parts, of which most of the energy loss comes from the wall. In order to effectively reduce the energy loss of the wall and achieve the insulation effect, it is very necessary and effective to take wall insulation measures. In terms of wall insulation, the external wall insulation system is highly respected because it can be used in both new projects and old house reconstruction; At the same time, it can also have the advantages of protecting the building structure, basically eliminating the influence of thermal bridge, improving the waterproof and permeability of the wall, and extending the service life of the building. On the premise of achieving the same thermal insulation effect, it can relatively reduce the consumption of thermal insulation materials or increase the use area of the house. Exterior wall insulation technology has become a new force in building energy conservation in China

farninger extruded thermal insulation board is suitable for thermal insulation of various wall structures. It can be used as external insulation and internal insulation of external walls, saving energy, keeping room temperature constant and reducing wall thickness

4). Cold storage application

farninger extruded thermal insulation board has superior water vapor permeability resistance and compression resistance, which makes it more advantageous in cold storage building applications. It can be applied to the ground, internal and external walls, roofs or ceilings, etc., so that the cold storage performance remains unchanged, preventing condensation and condensation, pressure resistance and creep resistance

5). Floor installation auxiliary material - floor mat treasure

floor companion - floor mat treasure is used as a floor mat for suspended floor installation. It is convenient to pave, can prevent the floor from moisture and deformation, and can realize and ensure the success of decoration upgrading through the training of employees and management teams. It plays the role of sound insulation and heat preservation. Stepping on the floor has a slight soft feeling, comfortable and natural. If you use this place to pave the floor, it will not cause damage to the building structure

farninger flooring companion - floor mat is widely applicable to the pavement of laminate flooring, solid wood multi-layer flooring and solid wood paint free and planing free flooring

6). Composite air-conditioning duct

extrusion. In the amendment (EU) no2016/1416 issued by the European Union last August, composite air-conditioning duct is a new type of direct insulation duct designed for air-conditioning systems. The core material of the duct is a special extruded insulation board; The outer surface is compounded with high-quality embossed aluminum foil

its advantages: low cost, light weight, good thermal insulation performance, convenient installation, beautiful open installation, concealed installation can maximize the ceiling height and high space utilization. It is especially suitable for villas, apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, etc

7). Color steel sandwich panel

compared with polyurethane core material, extruded thermal insulation board can not only greatly improve the shear force, waterproof performance and thermal insulation aging of sandwich panel, but also save cost. It is an ideal building energy-saving material

8) purification workshop

farninger extruded thermal insulation board is a new type of board made of polystyrene as the main raw material, added with a variety of formulas and extruded at high temperature. It is non-toxic, no dust, no water absorption, no bacteria, strong impact resistance, and long-lasting and stable thermal insulation performance, which is very suitable for the application of purification workshop

9), other applications

the various properties of farninger extruded thermal insulation board enable it to be applied to many fields, such as refrigerated trucks, building soffits, square floors, skating rinks, floor heating systems, etc., and it is also compounded with other materials to produce various composite boards. In the high cold region, due to the cold weather, water vapor, frost and other erosion of the ground, many roads, railways, airport runways and other uneven problems, making a series of hidden dangers. Therefore, the frost heave of the ground must be controlled. Farninger extruded thermal insulation board can prevent the penetration of water vapor, frost, etc., minimize the icing of the subgrade, effectively control the ground frost heave, and extend its service life

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