After the Spring Festival, the most popular rental

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After the Spring Festival, the rental market goes to the tropical mobile second-hand furniture market

after the Spring Festival, the rental market goes to the tropical mobile second-hand furniture market

February 25, 2016

[China paint information] after the Spring Festival, a large number of migrant workers have returned to the city, and a large number of graduates have also ushered in a job search boom. During this period, the rental market has become hot rapidly. At the same time, the second-hand furniture market around the popular community has also ushered in the "spring"

on February 21, I saw in a second-hand furniture market on Yunhe road that old beds, old tables and chairs, old sofas, etc. were placed outside the door, all kinds of them. The shopkeeper is receiving customers who come to consult. "Business is better at this time of year." The store owner told that after the Spring Festival, with the arrival of the rental tide, the second-hand furniture market also ushered in a good time of year. "The houses in the three villages and the four villages are relatively old, and many of them are rented out. There is no furniture in these houses. Most of them have only one bed, and some of them don't even have a bed." The shopkeeper told that the reason why he opened the store in this place was that he had a strong demand for second-hand furniture from nearby residents

"I want to apply smooth oil to parts and other parts to buy a second-hand tea table." Mr. Li, a citizen who came to buy, said that he rented a house with his object in Qingfeng community, and it became a problem to eat without a tea table. But it's only a temporary rental. "I won't rent my own house for a long time. If I buy new furniture, it will be very troublesome when I move. I'm not willing to throw it away directly, and I'm not willing to take it away. It's better to buy a second-hand one and use it for a period of time."

according to reports, these second-hand and re listed logo furniture, whether beds or tables and chairs, are mostly within 200 yuan, which is good and cheap for many tenants

it was learned from several merchants that the sales volume of second-hand furniture doubled compared with that before the composite polyurethane adhesive was used as a high molecular new material in, and the price was basically the same as that in previous years. The most popular is the second-hand bed

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