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Farmers' "Liupan" seed packaging

recently, during an interview in the countryside, it was learned that farmers' friends have six hopes for seed packaging:

yipan seed packaging should not be sealed. This scheme requires leading 1 branch from the working cylinder or drilling the cylinder to install the oil pressure sensor. The packaging material should not be too expensive, because the seeds still breathe under static conditions. If sealed with plastic bags, the germination rate of seeds will be reduced, and therefore the packaging cost will be increased, Increase the burden on farmers

the second hope indicates the sowing date, growth period and harvest period, so that farmers can reduce waste and people can grasp it scientifically. Farmers generally harvest crops after they are mature, but when they are mature, they can harvest the best. Now the new seeds are different and have high scientific and technological content. Therefore, it should be noted on the packaging, so that farmers can see clearly the weakness of the downstream finished wood market

Sanpan should explain the amount of water and fertilizer needed, what kind of fertilizer should be applied and the best topdressing period, so as to avoid yield reduction, or although more water and fertilizer are applied, it will form a boom, which will lead to lodging or turning green in the harvest period, resulting in yield reduction

Sipan indicates the density of seedlings to be kept, how many seeds are needed per mu, how many seedlings should be kept in dry land, water land and slope land, and how to fix seedlings for hole sowing, on-demand sowing and machine sowing, so as to grasp scientifically

wupan is accompanied by a picture to illustrate that it is more intuitive for farmers to use, and it is also convenient for comparison after crop growth, so as to prevent farmers from buying fake and inferior seeds

Liupan gradually entered the Chinese market recently, and bulk seeds are prohibited from being sold directly in rural areas. At present, seed packaging has not been fully scientific and standardized

therefore, if seeds are purchased in bulk from seed companies or agricultural means departments, special simple packaging should be provided, or at least instructions should be attached. Seeds are the direct factor for farmers to increase production and harvest. Relevant businesses and production enterprises should keep pace with agricultural development, and do a good job in commodity quality and instructions on seed packaging, so as to better provide good services to farmers

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