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On March 15, the Yixing municipal Party committee and municipal government held a special meeting on the city's quality building and brand building to solemnly commend and reward the enterprises that won the titles of China's famous brand products, China's famous brand products and Jiangsu Province's famous brand products and famous trademarks in 2007, no matter which model industry. The Far East brand of the company was awarded the title of China's well-known trademark and received a reward of 250000 yuan from Yixing municipal government. Jiang Huajun, the director of the group and general manager of Far East Composite Technology Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and made a famous brand speech. Luo Shilong, the vice president of the group, took the stage to receive the award

at the meeting, Vice Mayor Wang Hualiang put forward three opinions on the support of the leaf spring of its structure according to the method specified in the drawing: he pointed out that we should correctly estimate the development status quo and highly unify the ideological understanding of quality building and brand building; Based on the requirements of sound and rapid development, we should strive to create a new situation of quality building and brand building; We should effectively strengthen organizational leadership and strive to create a good atmosphere for quality and brand building

Mayor Wang Zhongsu put forward four suggestions on brand construction at the meeting: he believed that to implement brand strategy and promote brand construction, we should proceed from the overall situation and strategic height, enhance the sense of urgency and sense of brand construction, and promote brand construction to a new level with more powerful measures and more active attitude; The majority of enterprises should take quality as the eternal theme of enterprise development. 4. Gb/t 1041 (2) 008 determination of plastic shrinkage performance and brand development. Change "I want to create" into "I want to create", highlight the enterprise theme, and give play to initiative and creativity; As the organizer and guide of brand strategy, the government must strengthen leadership, optimize services, and vigorously support to ensure the smooth progress of brand construction; Brand building is a comprehensive and systematic project, which requires not only the efforts of enterprises and governments, but also the joint participation and promotion of the whole society, and strives to create a good environment for the whole society to publicize, protect and develop brands

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