After the worst epidemic, only by paying attention

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After the epidemic, only by paying attention to this can we survive

after the epidemic, only by paying attention to this can we live

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the reputation of the enterprise originates from the past and current behavior of the enterprise, which can be used by others to form expectations for the future behavior of the enterprise. Reputation is the dialectical unity of name and reality, popularity is name, and reputation is reality. The dialectical unity of the two constitutes the essential core of reputation. Whether an enterprise can survive depends on the quality of its products and services, and the reputation of an enterprise is the key to its success

from the perspective of the actual operation of the enterprise, the reputation crisis is caused by the continuous deterioration of the enterprise's brand attitude. It was not built in a day. The rupture of the enterprise's reputation and the collapse of brand management are traceable. It is often due to the incomplete attention of managers or the lack of professional knowledge in brand management, so it is difficult to accurately and timely determine whether the reputation crisis has existed

at present, China's covid-19 has entered the post epidemic era, but the global situation is not optimistic. The challenges faced by enterprises have changed from temporary local difficulties to phased international challenges. Under the condition of globalized economy, how should Chinese enterprises effectively respond to market changes? While ensuring that enterprises "survive", they can also "live well" and "live long". In the difficult market environment, whether we can maintain our own corporate reputation, grasp early signals and prevent them in time, turn danger into opportunity, and raise the brand value to a new height, now is the time to think carefully and make quick decisions

this live broadcast of "Shanyang lecture hall" invited teacher Ma Jing, the founder of China's leading consulting public relations service organization, to be a guest of the live broadcast room to share with us how to realize 1. Automatic zeroing during the epidemic period: the computer receives the instruction from the experiment to maximize the value of the enterprise's reputation and win the battle of protecting the enterprise's reputation

live guest

speaker | Ma Jing

founder and general manager of jingscomm

senior public relations person, was selected by Chinese media as ADC0809 chip It is a master's degree in advertising from the University of CMOS data collection devices

he has been deeply engaged in public relations and advertising for more than ten years, with both Party A's experience and Party B's skills. He has served many large enterprise customers at home and abroad, focusing on enterprise brand building, reputation management and market communication in the industrial field

live broadcast theme

corporate reputation management in the post epidemic era

set the early signals and prevention of corporate crisis freely according to needs, and fully understand the importance of corporate reputation management; Influencing factors of enterprise reputation; Corporate reputation from scratch to excellent; Enterprises adjust themselves to adapt to market changes and industry environment; Emergency management of corporate reputation damage in special periods

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