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Fashion Week printing dazzling 2014 clothing printing style ahead of time

although printing has occurred every year, it is particularly popular on the show this year. However, from the four major fashion weeks in Shanghai and Beijing to the 50th Golden Horse Awards, all of them show the king status of printing design in clothing, and also indicate the development trend of 2014 clothing printing

marcjacobs' design at the New York Fashion Week undoubtedly opened up a new path for 2014 print design, combining Gothic style, palace style, punk style and sports style. It seems fancy and messy, but when examined carefully, the printing and printing are harmonious, competing for novelty and beauty, showing their own style, making the printing of the upper platen and the surface of the sample look domineering, Not to mention the fashionable women of the new era who wear it

compared with the imagination of designers at New York Fashion Week in printing patterns, London designers seem to be inferior to others, but the absence of amazing patterns will not hide their bold and innovative color difference meter test in cutting Δ B-value, designers all picked up scissors mercilessly. The strange shape combined with the enlarged pattern of printing details, the freshness is more prominent, and the details are brighter, which can reduce the use of plastic products

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