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Nongfu Shanquan first launched a new packaged berry milkshake

Nongfu Shanquan company, whose main business is purified water, recently launched the first mixed fruit and vegetable juice drink. Although there are still many uncertain factors in the external environment, the special bottle design and the adoption of sports cover make it win widespread attention of consumers in the early stage of putting into the market. This mixed fruit and vegetable juice drink called Nongfu mountain spring "berry milkshake" is made from 30% mixed fruit and vegetable juice and reconstituted milk

Nongfu mountain spring berry milkshake adopts a special pet bottle shape design. The top of the product is round and spherical, and the middle bottle body is in an inward concave shape with a twill edge design. This bottle shape makes it easier for consumers to hold when drinking

what is more worth mentioning is that the input signal or external load of milk shakes should be limited to the specified range while maintaining flexibility. The innovative bottle cap of fruit milkshakes adopts a new energy like sports cap applied to carbonated drinks or sports drinks. The unique bottle cap design facilitates consumers to enjoy the product anytime, anywhere, and the bottle can be reused. Before drinking the product, consumers need to unscrew the overall bottle cap, remove the aluminum-plastic film covering the bottle mouth, and finally screw on the bottle cap, and open the small cap that can be repeatedly sealed on the top of the cap

information source: packaging materials and containers

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