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Building materials industry: the three quarters after the inflection point continued to rise, optimistic about energy-saving and new energy use glass

the performance of the glass industry and listed companies rebounded significantly in the second quarter of 2009. In 2009, the total profit of the flat glass industry was -4. 2.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 188. 45%, but the rate of decline is lower than -272 in January. 04% month on month improvement 83. 59 percentage points. The loss began to turn around in January, with a total profit of 86.57 million yuan. In the second quarter of 2009, the owner's net profit attributable to the parent company of the listed company was 1. 4.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 73. 20%, but the decline was improved by 35 month on month. 46 percentage points. The rebound intensity of the operating income of the overall listed companies is less than that of the flat glass industry

in the second quarter of 2009, the profit of float glass was still poor, and the advantage of special glass was obvious. Listed companies that used to take float glass as the pillar of profit lost money and made meager profits in the second quarter. Special glass such as engineering glass supports the profits of enterprises. The gross profit of non ordinary float glass such as Jinjing technology and CSG a accounts for almost half of the total gross profit. However, the growth rate of operating revenue, gross profit margin and net profit attributable to the parent company of each glass listed company are expected to remain stable, and the cost is in a positive trend

the improvement of real estate, automobile and export drove the price and output to continue to rise in the third quarter. The higher than expected real estate investment and the shutdown of some production lines have led to a rapid rebound in prices, with an increase of 26% since the bottom. 20%. Although the resumption of production of some production lines has put pressure on prices, due to the hot land development, real estate investment will continue to improve in the third quarter. People's livelihood policies will drive the further growth of automobile production, and the bottoming out of the foreign economy will bring opportunities for improvement to the glass industry. The price rise and the accelerated growth of production will continue. It is expected that the cumulative production of flat glass in the third quarter will reach 4. There is a high probability that the weight of 4.5 billion boxes and the growth rate will reach about 3%

energy conservation and new energy bring new opportunities for the development of the glass industry. Under the national policy of adjusting the industrial structure, the demand for energy-saving glass will benefit from the policy, and the demand for ultra white glass will gradually improve under the national new energy support policy

investment strategy: with the improvement of float method, we are optimistic about energy-saving engineering glass in the medium and long term and ultra white glass in the long term. Based on the overall performance of the industry, the most important factor restricting the development of the domestic graphene industry is the high cost of graphene production. In maintaining production, we often encounter drastic changes in the barrel temperature caused by the destruction and failure of a heating ring or the uncontrolled long-term burning of the heating control part, resulting in the "neutral" of the color difference industry. However, the inflection point of the glass industry has appeared, and at the same time, there are national policies to remind investors to pay attention to CSG a, AVIC Sanxin, Jinjing technology and yaopi glass

risk tips: the real estate market is recovering, the future is uncertain, and there is a risk of the resumption of production of the discontinued glass production line

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