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Quickly and effectively make up for shortcomings, and the boom of foreign brand mergers and acquisitions will not decrease

quickly and effectively make up for weaknesses, and the boom of foreign brand mergers and acquisitions continues

On June 26th, 2019, axalta refused to merge and actively sought mergers and acquisitions. Recently, axalta announced that its board of directors had established a strategic review committee. Mark Garrett, the chief independent director of the board of directors, served as the chairman of the strategic review committee, and the members included Robert Bryant, the first executive officer, and Samuel smolik, the independent director

the establishment of the strategic review committee shows that after terminating the merger negotiations related to AkzoNobel and rejecting the offer of acquisition of ritual holdings, Aishi once again issued the intention to seek mergers and acquisitions. For this, many people in the industry believe that Aishi's intention to transmit mergers and acquisitions this time is by no means accidental

In April this year, PPG (New York Stock Exchange Stock Code: PPG) announced that it had completed the acquisition of hemmelrath, a manufacturer of automotive coatings, and the specific financial terms had not been disclosed. As early as early January this year, PPG announced that it had reached a final agreement to acquire hemmelrath, a world-renowned automotive paint manufacturer

Headquartered in Klingenberg, Germany, hemmelrath is a family enterprise of automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) coatings. The company now has more than 450 employees and has production plants in Klingenberg and Erlenbach in Germany, Jilin in China, Duncan in South Carolina in the United States and indaiatuba in Brazil. Hemmelrath's products are aimed at major auto manufacturers around the world. At present, its total production capacity is 25000 tons, mainly supporting high-end models such as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Porsche, etc. more than 7million cars use its paint products every year. In 2017, its sales revenue based on the thermal insulation performance of materials in this plan was $347.2 million

the acquisition of hemmelrath will make greater contributions to the company's industrial development and progress, consolidate PPG's competitive position in the global automotive coating market in terms of interlayer peel strength, and lay a solid foundation for further exploring the international market and increasing market share

In April this year, Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that the board of directors agreed to purchase 100% equity of Dulux group in Australia with 300.5 billion yen (about 3.756 billion Australian dollars, about 2.7 billion US dollars) in cash. It is reported that the shareholders of the two companies will vote on this transaction in July, and the transaction plan will be finalized in mid August 2019

shortly after the acquisition of Dulux group in Australia, Nippon coatings launched another acquisition. On April 26, Nippon coatings announced that the company acquired 95.5% of the equity of the group company composed of Turkish coating enterprise betek Boya company and 9 subsidiaries of betek company, and incorporated its subsidiaries

Nippon Paint plans to raise funds for this share acquisition from loans from financial institutions, and does not plan to raise funds through the issuance of new shares. According to the three-year interim management plan launched by Nippon coatings in fiscal 2018, its goal is to establish an absolute position in Asia, accelerate global growth, and become a leading company that creates new prices and actively connects with the National Innovation Center for new material manufacturing and the national new material testing and evaluation platform. This series of mergers and acquisitions plan is one of the important measures implemented by the group

tenor became a global titanium dioxide giant

in April this year, the international chemical giant tronox (Tenor) announced the completion of the acquisition of Cristal (Coster) titanium dioxide business

on February 21, 2017, tenor announced that it would acquire costar titanium dioxide business with us $1.673 billion in cash and 24% of the company's class a common stock. The acquisition took more than two years and was finally reached

according to the previous statistics, the titanium dioxide production capacity of tenor after the acquisition of costal is about 1.3 million tons/year. Coster has two plants in titanium dioxide business in North America, one with a capacity of 104000 tons/year and the other with a capacity of 86000 tons/year, a total of 190000 tons/year. Stripping this part, the combined production capacity of tenor and costar can reach more than 1.1 million tons, which is equivalent to the production capacity of 1.25 million tons/year of the world's largest komu

we can see that since 2016, the pace of mergers and acquisitions among the global coating industry has significantly accelerated, and the market concentration has further improved. The specific advantages of mergers and acquisitions that industry giants see are mostly their own weaknesses. Mergers and acquisitions can directly, quickly and effectively bridge weaknesses and comprehensively enhance their competitive advantages in the global market

up to now, the speed of mergers and acquisitions of domestic and foreign coating enterprises has not slowed down, and the global coating industry has gradually entered a mature stage. Mergers and acquisitions are often better strategic measures, which can quickly build competitive advantages. However, at this stage, most enterprises will open "diversification" - some will carry out forward or backward integration mergers and acquisitions along the original industry, and some will cooperate with related enterprises to enter new fields, Seek to increase the scale of enterprises

in terms of the current domestic situation, the integration of China's paint market is the general trend. Paint enterprises must have a clear understanding of the mergers and acquisitions that may happen to them at any time, and it is a feasible strategy to cooperate with strong enterprises in a timely manner

compared with foreign-funded enterprises, domestic coating enterprises still have a certain gap in capital, technology, brand and so on. They should cooperate with domestic strong enterprises or foreign-funded enterprises to expand themselves with the advantages of each other. If we always hold the idea of "better for chicken head than oxtail", the market share may be smaller and smaller

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