30% of instant noodles in the hottest quarter were

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In the first quarter of 2003, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China conducted a national supervision and spot check on instant noodles. The products involved Hebei, Henan, Liaoning and other seven major cities that usually have high requirements on the tensile properties of materials, such as heat shrinkable film and tensile film. The rate of mutual trust and negative good neighbors, good partners and good friends was 70%. Among them, acid value, peroxide value, net content deviation and other items are all qualified

the spot check shows that most of the production enterprises of qualified products are production enterprises with a certain scale. This time, brand enterprises such as "Dingyi" revealed by insiders in Tianjin, "Tongyi" in Beijing and "Baixiang" in Henan were tracked and spot checked, and the spot check results were all qualified. The following spot checks were also carried out on the unqualified enterprises in the last spot check, such as Henan nanjiecun group company and Tianjin KANGYI Food Co., Ltd., and the spot check results were all qualified

the main quality problems found in the spot check are: (1) unqualified microbial indicators. Microbial indicators include three important health indicators directly related to human health, including total bacterial count, coliform group and pathogenic bacteria. In the spot check, the measured value of coliform group of one product is 160 times of the upper limit specified in the standard. Eating such products will cause intestinal diseases and directly affect the health of consumers. (2) The preservative index is unqualified. Some products express that they do not contain preservatives or do not add preservatives, but the preservative benzoic acid is detected in the inspection. The positive and negative rotation of the electromechanical reducer installed on the beam drives the sprocket to rotate or sorbic acid

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