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Development of flexible electricity and flexible substation

at the level of electrical application, power semiconductor devices are mainly used in DC transmission, flexible AC transmission (FACTS), new energy power generation and other fields, which has played a huge role in promoting the development and progress of electrical technology. With the application of DC transmission/flexible DC, flexible AC transmission, distributed power generation and other technologies, electricity will have some flexibility. The development of power electronic technology, especially the rapid development of power semiconductor devices, will enable power semiconductor devices to be more widely used in power generation, transmission, transformation and power consumption. The whole electricity will accelerate in the direction of power electronization, and eventually fundamentally change the form and physical properties of electricity

flexible electricity

in terms of physical characteristics, the traditional rigid electricity will become flexible electricity. The difference between rigid electricity and flexible electricity is that in power generation, rigid electricity adopts hydraulic turbines, steam turbines and diesel engines, while flexible electricity uses photovoltaic plus converters, wind plus converters, fuel cells plus converters

in transmission, rigid electricity adopts uncontrollable AC, while flexible electricity adopts flexible AC transmission, DC transmission, flexible DC and DC; In the substation, the rigid electricity adopts oil immersed transformer, dry-type transformer, vacuum circuit breaker, SF6 circuit breaker, capacitor, reactor, condenser, passive filter, while the flexible electricity adopts power electronic transformer, DC circuit breaker, solid-state switch, STATCOM, SVC, CSR, SSSC, TCSC, active power filter, unified power quality regulator

rigid electricity can be used for resistive and inductive loads such as incandescent lamps and motors, while flexible electricity can be used in data centers, electrified railways, variable frequency speed regulation, intelligent household appliances, electric vehicle charging, digital equipment, variable frequency air conditioners, brushless DC motors

in terms of material properties, copper ferroelectricity in the past will become semiconductor electricity. It can be seen that power semiconductor devices have a fundamental and disruptive impact on the development of electricity, which not only brings the upgrading of power electronic devices, but also is essential for the flexible development of electricity. There is no doubt that the entire electric semiconductor automotive carbon fiber composite market will reach 327.8 billion yen (about 17.1 billion yuan). In the process of development, the demand for power semiconductor devices is huge, and the market capacity is very broad

in order to meet the requirements of facts and HVDC for high power, the voltage and current parameters of devices need to be further improved, and at least 4500v/3000a and 4500v/5000a IGBT need to be developed. In terms of device technology, IGBT and FRD still have great room for optimization. According to Zhang Mao, director of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, customized design for applications is an important development trend, such as low on-state voltage drop IGBT, high short-circuit switching capacity IGBT, etc

flexible electricity has its own personalized requirements for the huge development potential of China's plastic extruder industry. For example, it is hoped that the devices will adopt crimping type to obtain large capacity and good heat dissipation performance; Low on state pressure drop to improve the overall efficiency of the device; Short circuit in case of failure to keep the corresponding circuit open; High reliability to ensure the reliable operation of electricity; High short-circuit current tolerance and breaking capacity to withstand the fault current of tens of kiloamps and can be reliably shut down

flexible substation

the flexible substation is composed of power electronic transformers, solid-state circuit breakers, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. experimental machine, it is needless to say, bus tie flexible controller and other power electronic devices, which can improve the power flow regulation ability, realize the flexible access of a variety of new energy sources, the direct access of energy storage equipment, the direct supply of DC load and the interconnection between multiple flexible substations, and can be used as the hub of AC and DC power, While realizing AC/DC mixed connection and AC/DC load mixed supply, it can quickly remove faults and self-healing

the personalized requirements of flexible substation for power devices include: high voltage and high power, so as to reduce the number of converter modules, simplify topology, reduce control complexity, and reduce land occupation, volume and weight; It should be highly reliable to ensure reliable operation of electricity; It should have low on state voltage drop and small switching loss to reduce loss and heat dissipation requirements; It should be of high switching frequency to reduce volume and audible noise pollution; It should be of high junction temperature to improve reliability and reduce heat dissipation requirements

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