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The development of China's hand tools in the hardware industry

domestic hardware market trends, China's daily-use hardware industry has stepped into the forefront of the world: since 1996, China has successively established 14 technology development centers, such as zippers, electric shavers, stainless steel utensils, iron pans, blades, bicycle locks, etc. These are the operation steps of the electrical copper rod tensile testing machine to test the tensile load. At present, most of these centers have developed into industry leaders, Some have become world leaders, such as xunxing group, which produces zippers, with an output value of more than 320 million yuan; China has gradually become a major hardware processing and export country in the world. At present, the export of China's hardware industry is accelerating at an average annual rate of more than 10%. Last year, the export foreign exchange exceeded US $5billion, ranking third in China's light industry export

experts say that in the next two years, domestic construction hardware products will also move towards an intelligent and humanized development path. International hardware market trends, developed countries have accelerated the transfer of medium and low-grade products to the third world, and developed countries have transferred medium and low-grade products to the third world. Due to the rapid development of production technology and the impact of expensive labor prices, in Europe and the United States, with the design of building hardware products in developed countries based on easy installation and maintenance, they only produce some products with high added value; Products have become a new favorite in the hardware market. In recent years, self assembling products and tools have been very popular in the market. At the same time, Sandvik saf 2707 HD has better corrosion resistance caused by chloride ions

in the international hardware market, due to the rapid development of production technology and rising labor prices, developed countries in Europe and the United States have transferred universal products to developing countries to produce only high value-added products. And China has a strong market potential, so it is more conducive to develop into a major hardware processing and export country. China's hardware market is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong, among which Zhejiang and Guangdong are the most prominent

according to relevant survey data, in terms of individual hand tool product categories, sockets are the bulk of exports, the combination of hand tools, gardening tools, wrenches rank fourth and pliers rank fifth. In terms of exporting countries, the United States ranks first, followed by Britain, Germany and Japan. In the hand tool market, the demand of the U.S. hand tool market has stabilized. At the end of last year, while the scale of new housing in the U.S. housing market increased, there are still a large number of existing housing unoccupied, which brings great opportunities in the housing renovation market. The average model and age of motor vehicles are getting larger and larger, which has played a certain role in promoting the sales of hand tools in the automotive after-sales market. There is a strong demand for forging tools for electronic products distribution, especially adjustable wrenches; The demand for hand tools in Germany is increasing, and comfortable and labor-saving tools are the most popular in Germany. The smooth handle and beautiful appearance that help to grip the tool are important factors that attract them to buy. In terms of tool types, electric tools are becoming increasingly popular. Rechargeable tools are also becoming increasingly popular. The new rechargeable tools on the market now have many teams. According to the "1025" national strategic emerging industry development plan of the State Council, the team wants to develop "inorganic modified high molecular materials" rechargeable battery sockets, which can be used in various environments; Taiwan's hand tools industry has adjusted its product structure. With stable product quality, punctual delivery and complete product varieties, the hand tools industry in Taiwan has certain advantages in the world because it can meet the needs of customers. Moreover, the sales of hand tools in Taiwan are mainly in the off Island market. At present, there are about 5000 local manufacturers, mostly distributed in the central region of Taiwan Island, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises

foreign made products also have many deficiencies. It is understood that at least 70% of China's hardware industry are private enterprises, which are the main force in the development of China's hardware industry. Although the financial crisis in previous years had a slight impact on China's hardware exports, it has improved since 1999. The foreign exchange earnings from exports rose from $2.76 billion in 1995 to $3.847 billion in 1999, an increase of 71.74%, with an average annual increase of 11.4%, and has been growing steadily since then

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