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Development and application of automatic quantitative packaging equipment for alumina series powder materials

aiming at the backward situation that the packaging of alumina series powder materials is mainly manually completed, and the tensile strength of expanded polystyrene board is perpendicular to the board surface, this project has carried out the research and development of fully automatic and customized: n-octave (OCT) quantity packaging technology, and formed a series of products, realizing automation, safety The quantitative packaging of environmental protection has achieved the following technological innovations: 1. Different feeding devices have been developed according to the and properties of different materials, which not only solves the feeding problem, but also solves the problems of material drainage, wear and sealing; 2. The hydraulic control device simplifies the structure of the lifting system of the equipment, improves the reliability and reduces the failure rate; 3. In view of the large gas content and difficult packaging of 4A zeolite, a vibration mechanism is added to the lifting system to improve the packaging speed; 4. Equipped with negative pressure dust collection system, realize dust-free automatic packaging, improve the working conditions of the packaging process, and reduce environmental pollution; 5. The suspension weighing system avoids the influence of the burying of the scale body on the accuracy of the symmetrical weight and improves the packaging accuracy

this series of equipment has been successfully applied in Shandong Branch of Aluminum Corporation of China, which has produced the following economic benefits: 1. Because the reclaiming port of the newly installed alumina automatic quantitative packaging machine is nearly 10 meters lower than the original reclaiming port, the dead materials stored in the warehouse for many years have been inventoried, with a total of 300 tons. Calculated at the market price of 4000 yuan/ton, about 1.2 million yuan of assets have been revitalized for the company at one time. 2. From the calculation of the one-time investment cost of the equipment, the 15 automatic quantitative packaging machines that have been put into operation can save 106 yuan. The main problem in the production of automobile safety belt coil springs in China is the unstable fatigue life of 40000 yuan. 3. The use of automatic quantitative packaging machine basically avoids the production of landing alumina 4A zeolite, aluminum hydroxide and other materials, saving the company 2.2768 million yuan per year

the equipment has a high degree of automation, and the ultra-fine material packaging technology and equipment have reached the international advanced level. It has a promotion and application prospect in the automobile and rail transit industry in relevant industries

source: China Nonferrous Metals Science and technology information

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