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Analysis of the market development of China's laboratory instrument industry

at present, there are nearly 700 major enterprises in the laboratory instrument industry, with 12 majors, including laboratory centrifuges, balances, thermal analysis instruments, dynamic testing instruments, vacuum instruments and devices, electrophoresis instruments, casting testing instruments, strain gauges, environmental testing equipment, geotechnical testing instruments, acoustic instruments, and ceramic testing instruments. The annual output value of major enterprises was nearly 6 billion yuan in 2010, Some of the products have reached or approached the world's advanced level, with stable quality. A small number of high-end instruments have reached the international advanced level, with independent intellectual property rights, and have entered the markets of Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia for 1billion yuan. However, we must see that for a long time, famous instrument companies from abroad have occupied a large part of the domestic market by virtue of their technology and brand advantages, with an annual import volume of about 3.2 billion yuan. There is a long way to go to develop laboratory instruments in China

the national 12th Five Year Plan points out that cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries is of great significance to promoting the upgrading of industrial structure and accelerating the transformation of economic development mode. We must take breaking through a number of key common technologies supporting the development of strategic emerging industries as the priority task of scientific and technological development

(1) market potential of laboratory instrument industry:

the annual demand is about 32billion, which has great market demand. At present, existing projects have been listed as national key support and development projects

in the tortuous experiment, the shortcomings of stainless steel materials can be found and repaired in time. (2) opportunities for the localization of food safety equipment:

the country should focus on the construction of food safety monitoring capacity during the "12th Five Year Plan". 1) According to relevant systems and plans, China's agriculture, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, food and drug supervision and management, food and health systems have initially formed a systematic four-level (national, provincial, municipal and county-level) food safety inspection (supervision) system. 2) There are about 2608 institutions at the first three levels, and the setting of county-level institutions has not been determined. 3) There is a large area of blank and incomplete configuration in the setting of county-level food inspection institutions. 4) The lack of rapid detection capability at the grass-roots and front-line level and other capacity-building issues need to be solved urgently, and a large number of food safety inspection instruments need to be supplemented and updated. 5) More than tens of thousands of domestic food processing enterprises hope to use the strength of incubators to make enterprises grow rapidly. The demand of industry and testing institutions constitutes a continuous strong and stable market demand for food safety testing instruments in China. 6) It is estimated that the equipment demand during the 12th Five Year Plan period will exceed 40billion yuan

(3) opportunities for medical and health equipment:

(1) 163 main medical equipment should be equipped in primary medical units, about 68% of which are laboratory instruments, analytical instruments and optical instruments, of which about 50% are professional products of laboratory branches

(2) during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the country plans to build 100 National Centers for Disease Control and prevention, 200 provincial centers for Disease Control and prevention, and 300 Prefecture and municipal centers for Disease Control and prevention

(3) there are nearly 20000 grass-roots medical institutions in China that need to be improved and equipped with technical equipment. The state will allocate 96billion yuan for the purchase of medical instruments within three years (20.5 billion yuan has been allocated). It will take 15 to 20 years to completely change the backward situation of technology and equipment in our grass-roots units

(4) the laboratory instrument industry should pay attention to the development of applied complete sets of instruments and equipment, better serve users, and improve the level of industrial technical cooperation

(5) new technologies and special needs in related fields provide greater development space for the development of laboratory instrument industry

(6) with the development of science and technology and the establishment of high-tech industries in China, it will provide a strong technical guarantee for the development of high-end instruments in the laboratory instrument industry, which will greatly reduce automobile fuel consumption and exhaust emissions equipment, so as to achieve product upgrading and win a larger market and development space for laboratory instruments

due to the variety of laboratory instruments, many small and medium-sized enterprises and fierce market competition, it is necessary to establish a modern laboratory instrument, application technology and complete set of technology base in China, which will greatly promote the all-round development of China's laboratory instrument industry and catch up with and reach the world's advanced level as soon as possible

last year was the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan. In the new historical stage, laboratory instruments should strengthen technological innovation, achieve product upgrading by introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced and independent innovation, strive to explore principled original innovation, and accelerate the digitization, intellectualization and networking of instruments. We should thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development into every major of laboratory instruments, conscientiously implement the national strategic plan for the development of scientific instruments in China, and forge ahead. Let's take the revitalization of the instrument industry as our own responsibility, and make unremitting efforts in the following specific experimental steps: China's instrument industry will be revitalized and take the lead in the world

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