Analysis on the main problems of fire-proof and th

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Analysis on the main problems of fire-proof and thermal insulation coatings in China

in today's society, fire-proof exterior wall thermal insulation materials are constantly used, and exterior wall thermal insulation materials have become an indispensable material in construction engineering

what are the problems of fire retardant coatings in real life

for example, the production scale of most enterprises is small, the automation level of process flow is not high, and the formula and process of many products are similar, lacking inherent characteristics; There is not enough research on the raw materials specially used for fire retardant coatings, and there is a lack of resin specially used for intumescent fire retardant coatings; The equipment for the production and construction of fire retardant coatings is not yet matched; There are problems in the application of fire retardant coatings in engineering, such as the selection of types and varieties, the determination of protective layer thickness, the supervision of construction quality, and the maintenance and repair time of 1~2 seconds in the process of use. In the actual work, it is found that the fire prevention supervision of various decoration and finishing materials in the current fire law enforcement. In the next stage of the project, more details will be released, which still remain in the "era of experience", using eyes, hands and lighters. Undeniably, this method is simple and easy to operate. However, its biggest disadvantage is that it is inaccurate. It is not only unable to determine whether the fire rating is grade I or grade II after flame retardant treatment, but also easy to be deceived by the supervision department: spray some fake and inferior products on the decoration and finishing materials. In addition, we also learned that some entertainment places are willing to carry out flame retardant treatment for various combustible decoration, and their awareness of fire prevention is not strong, and there is a fluke mentality. The price of fire retardant coating is high. Flame retardant is mainly used on the surface of precision instruments, meters, precision measuring tools, and the friction surface of extremely important parts. The poor effect is also an important reason why they are unwilling to use it. The experimental LCD screen will display the word "PC control"

according to the similar technical experience of foreign developed countries and the higher requirements constantly put forward by the majority of users in China, there are still some gaps and problems in the development and application of fire retardant coatings

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