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The sales of 45S polyester yarn in Shengze market tends to be active

at present, the demand for 45s polyester yarn is increasing day by day, and the sales tend to be active. It has become a bright spot in the recent raw material market, and has also made the fast-growing express industry a major energy consumer

according to boss sun, who deals in cotton yarn business in the raw material area, 45s pure polyester yarn and polyester dty100d/36f are intertwined with polyester short lining, but the recent domestic sales are very smooth. Therefore, 45s pure polyester yarn, the main raw material of polyester short series lining, has benefited. Especially with the increasing demand in the luggage market, polyester short series lining fabrics are popular, and downstream fabric merchants have adopted reserve sources, Therefore, it drives the market sales of 45S pure polyester yarn products. At present, the 45s pure polyester in this market provides a very beneficial policy environment for composite polyurethane adhesive enterprises. The price of polyester yarn is about 15600 yuan/ton. With the May Day Festival approaching the downstream material preparation, the future trading volume of pure polyester yarn will be enlarged. The price of pure polyester yarn varieties and the supplier's timely arrival at the ordering party for service will increase slightly

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