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Analysis of the market development potential of China's gravure printing industry

the development of gravure printing today is inseparable from the joint efforts of many related industries, such as equipment manufacturing, ink, solvent, the adoption of new technologies in the plate making industry, and the implementation of new processes in the printing industry, all of which promote the prosperity and development of gravure printing. With the development of social economy, the situation of "first-class products, second-class packaging" is changing, and more and more industries attach importance to commodity packaging. There is still a considerable gap between the domestic gravure packaging equipment manufacturing industry and foreign developed countries, especially Europe, which is mainly reflected in the application technology of printing equipment, such as lubrication system, closed scraper system, shaftless transmission system, production management system and so on

current situation of gravure printing basic parameters of gravure printing machine range of commonly used substrate materials: PP/OPP/bopp:? 8-60 LJ, pet:10-30 P, cpa:20~60 P, bopa:12-20 P, aluminum foil: 18-40 LJ, paper: g/m2, composite material: generally less than 120g/m2. Printing material width: 1000-1500mm, the most common. 2500mm paper gravure printing machines have been produced in China. Plate cylinder circumference: 408~942mm in domestic and 420~920mm in foreign countries. Coil diameter: 800~? 000mm, generally less than 1270mm, and the diameter of the winding core of the receiving and releasing section is 3 "or 6". Printing speed: at present, it is between 60~300m/min in China and 150~450m/mln in most foreign countries. Printing unit: commonly used, and the number of colored groups is increasing, up to more than 15 colors. Tension range: the common width is mostly 3~30kg, and the printing tissue paper can reach 4~50kg

wiring processing method: composite (dry method, wet method, tape casting and solvent-free composite), coating (ordinary coating, hot sol, cold sealing), etc. Overprint and processing accuracy: generally, it is about 0.2mm in China, and it has reached 0.1mm in foreign countries. Drying heat source: common are electricity, steam, hot oil and natural gas. Basic level domestic printing speed is 60~300m/mln, and printing width is 800-2500mm; The printing speed abroad is 150~450m/min (soft package) and 800~1000m/min (paper), and the maximum printing width is 4320 mm, which is proposed in the requirements

generally, in gravure printing machines, the tension is divided into four sections for control, which are: releasing section, releasing traction (Introduction), receiving traction (Introduction), and receiving section. Automatic tension control is mostly used in China, some of which adopt system tension control, and most of which adopt system tension control in foreign countries. It takes programmable logic controller (PLC) as the center to collect, process and control the tension of each section systematically. Each section relies on each other and makes centralized compensation. The whole machine takes linear speed as the base point, and all parts rise and fall at the same time, and can make various compensation for the inertia and tension loss of the whole system. The direction should be fast, the adjustment cycle is short, and the horizontal manual adjustment; In foreign countries, the vertical and horizontal registration is automatic

in fact, gravure printing is the simplest printing method, but its role is not understood. For example, the high cost of gravure plate making makes many packaging products abandon gravure printing and adopt traditional offset printing. Gravure cylinder can be used for many times, and the number of roller prints per set can reach 3-4 million. Its characteristics are stable performance, wide application range of ink and substrate, and simpler operation than offset printing and flexo printing

with the successful research and development of alcohol soluble inks, water-based inks and other environmental friendly inks by ink manufacturers, the technological progress of gravure printing has been promoted to the greatest extent. At the same time, in the field of plate making, constantly seeking alternative materials for plating rollers and copper rollers will further reduce costs, improve the economic benefits of gravure printing, shorten the pre press adjustment time, and eliminate the defects of short edition printing. At the same time, with the price adjustment of domestic high-speed gravure printing machine, the cost continues to decline, and eventually the gravure printing market share will continue to increase

gravure printing can effectively meet the impact test requirements of explosion-proof equipment, and can truly reproduce the original effect. It has rich and clear layers, thick ink layer, high ink saturation, bright and bright color, which is determined by the characteristics of gravure printing. Unlike letterpress printing, which is widely favored by the market, and lithography, which relies on different levels of inking area, gravure printing adopts a hole structure, which can widely use non-toxic ink and alcohol soluble ink, reaching the standard of green printing

at present, gravure printing has basically adopted water-based ink in the publishing field; In the field of decoration (wood grain paper printing), most of them use water-based inks; In the field of flexible packaging, although the proportion of solvent inks is still quite large, people are actively exploring the use of water-based inks and alcohol soluble I inks that can meet environmental standards, and have achieved gratifying results. Gravure printing is applicable to a wide range of media, such as PVDC, pet, IPE, NY, CPP, OPP, BOPP, composite films and other films and papers with the same properties as the above materials

the development potential of China's soft packaging market mainly includes the following aspects: Fruit sweat beverage and other beverage industries in the dairy market, vegetable processing industry, traditional Chinese medicine preparation industry, health drinks, etc. after continuous development, various composite materials have been widely used in the packaging industry. The composite packaging materials used in the world's soft packaging industry will also be antibacterial, high heat resistance, and subsequently failed to achieve breakthrough development capability in China Intelligence and other aspects of development. Gravure printing machine can also add glazing, film coating, coating, die cutting, slitting, punching, cross cutting and other processes. With the continuous emergence of various paper packaging in today's market, such as shopping bags, commodity bags, garbage bags, refrigerator fresh-keeping bags, etc., plastic soft packaging is also widely used in industrial packaging, household commodity packaging, clothing packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging. Various solid packaging boxes, liquid packaging boxes, cigarette bags, wine bags, etc. all need the comprehensive processing capacity of gravure printing equipment. The gravure printing equipment is easy to maintain and repair and has a long service cycle, which is determined by the structure of the gravure printing equipment. (to be continued)

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