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Application of nano antibacterial fresh-keeping packaging in liquid milk packaging

nano inorganic antibacterial agent

mod series nano high-performance inorganic antibacterial is a new inorganic antibacterial packaging material that introduces nano technology into aseptic composite packaging of milk and beverages. It is mainly composed of active genes and inorganic nano silver compounds invested by mod in the recent polyurethane exterior wall insulation material industry, Inorganic antibacterial powder made of various inorganic materials as carriers. The antibacterial material is prepared by high-tech nanotechnology, which changes the traditional production process of antibacterial agents that only use silver, copper, zinc and other metal ions as antibacterial active ingredients. The antibacterial mechanism is the action of metal ions and photocatalysis. It has a strong long-term antibacterial function, and the antibacterial rate can reach 99.9%. It completely solves the worldwide problem of discoloration in the application of inorganic antibacterial packaging materials. It is a special non-toxic broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, which can be widely used in the production of antibacterial products such as milk and beverage composite packaging

advantages of using nano antibacterial fresh-keeping in liquid milk packaging

mod nano high-performance inorganic antibacterial agent has a strong application in various forms of liquid milk packaging, especially the injection grade (extrusion grade) antibacterial masterbatch, general grade (ultra-fine) fiber antibacterial masterbatch as additives and the use of nano inorganic antibacterial coating is the most convenient and effective

aseptic packaging of liquid milk is a new type of packaging rising in recent years. It has high requirements for antibacterial freshness and bag breaking strength. It is known that milk in fresh-keeping bags can only be kept for 3 days. If the milk packed with PE (polyethylene) PP (polypropylene) film modified by nano antibacterial agent can effectively inhibit and kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc., and prevent the growth of various microorganisms, the fresh-keeping period can be extended to more than 8 days under the same conditions, which meets the national health standards. Other sterile milk packaging containers can also achieve the effect of extending the fresh-keeping period by more than twice

for milk packaging, odor barrier is very important. Oxygen is blocked, and the contents are not easy to deteriorate.

compared with ordinary films, the oxygen barrier of nano antibacterial films can be increased by more than times. The nano antibacterial function of adding high priced active silver ions ③ generally, excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel can greatly prolong the shelf life and shelf life of dairy products

the modified milk packaging has also achieved unexpected results. Its thermal deformation temperature, tensile and bending properties have been greatly improved. More than two half size milk bags can stand on an adult without breaking, and truly become unbreakable milk bags. The price of nano film is cheaper than aluminum-plastic composite film, but its gas barrier property is several times higher

the aseptic packaging forms of liquid milk at home and abroad include aseptic cardboard packaging, aseptic cup packaging, aseptic large bag packaging, aseptic aluminum plastic bag packaging and aseptic plastic bottle packaging. Developed process has high adaptability; The proportion of aseptic packaging in liquid food packaging in China has exceeded 65%. BASF polyurethane materials are used in brooksnbsp; Levitate running shoes are made of. Therefore, the development of nano antibacterial packaging technology for aseptic packaging of liquid milk has a strong application prospect

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